NY Jets: Adam Gase reportedly a ‘major factor’ in Jamal Adams discontent

NY Jets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

NY Jets’ head coach Adam Gase is reportedly a “major factor” in Jamal Adams’ displeasure.

Never a dull day in the life of a NY Jets fan.

The situation surrounding Jamal Adams officially reached a boiling point last week when the star safety reportedly requested a trade from the organization. And while the situation seemed pretty black and white, a new twist may have just been added.

As reported by Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News on Wednesday, Jets’ head coach Adam Gase is apparently a “major factor” as to why Adams has felt “uncomfortable” about his future with the Jets.

To this point, the ongoing dispute has seemingly revolved around the Jets’ lack of urgency to give Adams his extension and his frustration with the organization regarding their lack of recent success.

Many simply assumed that Adams was tired of losing and felt spurned by general manager Joe Douglas’ handling of the trade deadline last year. But this adds a whole new layer to the story.

Jamal Adams wouldn’t be alone in his displeasure with NY Jets’ coach Adam Gase.

Of course, the hiring of former Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase was a move met with near-universal criticism from fans and media members alike.

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Gase had just come off an unsuccessful tenure in Miami where he made more headlines for being the impetus behind numerous locker room disputes than he did for any on-field achievements.

Nonetheless, the Jets decided to give Gase a second chance instead of rolling with a number of other qualified candidates. And it’s safe to say that Gase’s first season in New York didn’t go as planned.

There are a number of ways to spin what happened last year in a positive light for Gase. You could argue that despite injuries and a season that looked to be on the brink of chaos, the Jets managed to finish 7-9 following a 6-2 stretch in their final eight games.

But at the end of the day, Gase was lackluster, to say the least in 2019. And it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that a number of players in the locker room don’t see him as the long-term leader of the organization.

If that’s the case, what Mehta is saying might just be right about Adams. He doesn’t trust the Jets because he doesn’t trust the decisions that ownership has made.

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It’s a story that seems to get more complicated by the day and I’m sure there will be plenty more twists to the Adams narrative in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Real Housewives of Florham Park.”