NY Jets must resist temptation to trade Jamal Adams

NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The NY Jets will definitely be tempted to trade Jamal Adams this offseason, but they must resist the urge and instead sign him to an extension.

The NY Jets are a more energized team when their captain Jamal Adams takes the field. It may be tempting because you wonder what you can get in return for a superstar player such as Adams, but ever since he’s joined the team, he has brought everything and then some.

Quality defense, a very solid work ethic, team chemistry, and guys just want to play for the Jets because Adams is a leader. The younger guys on the team look up to Adams as a veteran presence even though Adams is just 24-years-old.

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To give all that away while the future face of the franchise quarterback Sam Darnold is entering a key third season in the NFL is another reason it’s unwise to trade away Adams just to see what you can get in return.

The team chemistry is flowing, disrupting the natural balance of the locker room as it is now — which is ever peaceful and calm — is a dangerous game to play.

Who is added and dropped from this rebuilding team could easily make or break Darnold and the Jets both in the grand scheme of things. What team wouldn’t want Jamal Adams?

To put things into perspective, Adams has voiced that he wants to be wearing a Jets uniform and does not want to be elsewhere. Jets fans adore him and he brings so much to a team that just can not afford to be losing their best players just to see what you can get in return.

Darnold and Adams have the vibe needed to bring millions of miserable and long-time suffering Jets fans to their feet and chanting his name.

To trade him away is a pretty huge mistake on the behalf of general manager Joe Douglas. It will only weaken the Jets and sink them further back into their misery for years to come. Nothing good will come out of that potential trade that could even harm the Jets.

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There’s simply no need to trade Adams, as all areas were addressed in free agency and can also be addressed in the 2020 NFL Draft.