Josh McCown continues to prove his greatness

As the New York Jets do their best to groom rookie quarterback Sam Darnold for a bright future, Josh McCown recently chimed his thoughts on what he’d love to see down the road from him. McCown continues to prove his greatness with the franchise.

Coming off the best season yet of his career, veteran quarterback Josh McCown continues to be an integral piece of the New York Jets. He played above-average football last season and returns to either continue where he left off from or at the very least, groom his replacement. At this point in time, McCown is the starter heading into training camp.

McCown is a proven leader and brings an incredible dimension to the Jets locker room. Not only will he likely hold the fort until rookie quarterback Sam Darnold is 100 percent ready but will do everything in his power to make sure he has a successful future.

Believe it or not, McCown’s importance to the Jets is huge since he’ll have his part in molding Darnold for everything that awaits in his career. From handling the New York media and all the obstacles that he’ll likely face on the gridiron, if Darnold ends up being a successful future franchise quarterback for the Jets, years from now fans will thank McCown for all that he’s done.

In just two years with the franchise, McCown not only made the Jets enjoyable to watch last season but could be the biggest reason why Darnold ends up being quite successful from here on out. That in itself is worthy of the $10 million the Jets dished out to bring McCown back for at least one more year this offseason thanks to how much of an impact he’ll have across the spectrum.

McCown is incredibly humble and isn’t worried if he loses his starting spot or not. That’s the kind of teammate that everyone respects and speaks highly about since it’s all done for the benefit of the team and winning football games. In an article written by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, here is what McCown recently said about what would be great to see in Darnold’s bright future once he calls it quits:

“The best thing I can do is look back in five years and Sam Darnold is in the Pro Bowl,” McCown told the Daily News this offseason. “That would be the most satisfying thing. We’ll see. It’ll be fun.”

Overall, once McCown officially retires sooner rather than later, Jets fans will undoubtedly want to thank and remember him in a good light if No. 14 ends up being that franchise quarterback they’ve been dreaming about for decades now. Remember, a rookie can only grow and be successful thanks to the veterans around him. Luckily for Darnold, he got one of the best veterans anyone can ask for.

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