2017 NFL Draft Profile: Wide Receiver Corey Davis


In this 2017 NFL Draft profile, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of wide receiver Corey Davis out of Central Michigan University.

Davis is considered a top wide receiver in the 2017 NFL Draft from many draft insiders. Davis has an NFL-ready skill set and could be the next big thing in the NFL. With not that many big wide receivers in the draft this season, Davis did not get noticed as much until this past season when Central Michigan went undefeated.

For how big and tall Davis is, he reminds many people of wide receiver Eric Decker. He enters the draft at 6 foot-3 inches tall and weighs in at 215 pounds. For how well Decker runs his routes, Davis could even be better than that. He is very difficult to cover and is almost the ideal athlete.


Davis was an outstanding player with plenty of production to help the offense get better. When the football is in the air he is very focused and can get the deep ball with no problem. From his freshman to senior year, Davis’s route running improved each season. He has the long arms to win those tough 50-50 passes.

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His vertical routes are very impressive and he’s able to create space from corners. He is also able to defeat the inside leverage which most receivers have trouble with. He has gained pretty good football knowledge very well in short and deep parts of the field.


Unlike most wide receivers, Davis does not know how to expose his routes to make corners open up the hips. In his small routes, he needs to learn how to break out of his routes quicker. He needs to learn how to catch passes that are difficult to make.

He likes to run certain routes on his own which caused him to drop 16 passes this past season. Davis will need to learn how to do some meaningful blocking for when run plays occur. Davis also has a problem in exposing the football down the field instead of keeping it tight the whole time.


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Davis will likely be drafted late 1st round as a mid-round pick in this year’s draft. Davis seems like he has great potential to be an excellent player but will need to fix certain parts of his game. If he is put in a comfortable offensive scheme, he should be able to have a productive career in the NFL.