NY Jets: Todd Bowles sends bold message to team


When it comes to the NY Jets, head coach Todd Bowles has sent a bold message to the team that not only brought them victory on Sunday but set the tone from here on out.

When you’re a head coach and your team has bought into the culture you’re trying to establish, the results can be truly amazing. Against the NY Giants in a thriller of a game, the Jets gave Big Blue plenty of opportunities to put this game away. But these Jets kept fighting and wouldn’t give up no matter what.

Victories like the one the Jets just got by defeating the Giants 23-20 can transform a team to truly ride some incredible momentum from here on out. December is usually the month that separates the pretenders from the contenders and so far, the Jets look like they want into the NFL Playoffs like there is no tomorrow. They’re winning games and believing in everything Bowles has been preaching.

What is quite impressive to me is how well Bowles adjusts things at the best times to ensure putting the Jets in a position to succeed. He’s not perfect and like any rookie head coach has made his fair share of mistakes but the message he told the Jets entering the final month of the regular season stood out to me.

Here is what he said to the Jets at that very moment, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

On his message is to the team as they enter the fourth quarter of the season…

Just the same thing, we have to finish. We have to play with more poise in the beginning of the game. The message is the same every week. We know what kind of situation we’re in right now. We have four weeks left. We have to take them one game at a time and we can’t look ahead or look around or look behind us. We just have to stay on course and do the things we need to do to get better and win.

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Overall, to send such a bold message to the Jets when it matters most is pretty powerful. The mentality of “one game at a time” is exactly what the Jets needs to focus on so when all is said and done, they know they achieved to the best of their abilities what the overall end result is. They believe in it wholeheartedly. Trust me when I say, belief can be a powerful armor and so far, the Jets are wearing it proudly as they enter the most important stretch of the season.