NY Jets: Ryan Fitzpatrick out, Michael Myers in!


Halloween is over but in their Week 8 loss to the Oakland Raiders, the NY Jets saw some true horror under center.

With Halloween over, you would think the scary stuff was also at an end.  However, with a visit to The Black Hole in Dia de los Muertos and a record of not doing too hot on the West coast, the Raiders were ready to line up the tombstones.

This nightmare, I mean game, started right away with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick injuring his hand on a Raiders’ helmet in the first series. Mangold  was already sitting out…  I can only imagine the flashbacks from last season spreading throughout Jets Nation as Geno Smith walked onto the field.  Once he started playing, those flashbacks flashed forward and became tomorrow’s headlines.

Is this the same team that was toe-to-toe with the undefeated Patriots in Massachusetts last week?  The Jets’ defense looked frightened, inexcusably leaving holes, missing tackles and generally allowing the Raiders to march up and down the field.

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By halftime, I can not be the only person praying for either an exorcism performed by head coach Todd Bowles in the locker room or that the rumors of Drew Brees on the table for being a Jet may be true.  I can only imagine what Bowles had to say to the apparent spiritually broken Jets.  It’s not too hard to guess that it probably wasn’t pretty.

During the second half, the Raiders were still thirsty for blood.  Though the Jets were able to make a couple plays, we were unable to shake their wrath off.  The stadium rocked and the Jets rolled over. My heart dropped as an injured Brandon Marshall limped off the field.  Marshall’s pain was obvious as they re-wrapped what appeared to be his ankle on the sidelines and he went right back onto the field.

Sadly, Marshall was not able to make the catches he needed to make.  Geno, by this time played with fire, risking injury, running until he hit a hard wall on one play.  He was drilled by a blood thirsty #24. Or was he was drilled by a blood thirsty #25? It didn’t matter really since after a while, I couldn’t keep track of the massacre on the field.

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This nightmare ended with a rough sack, as Geno slowly walked off the field.  An injured Fitzpatrick got back onto the field.  It was a short lived moment as an injured Fitzpatrick went back to the sidelines in pain from what appears to be left thumb ligament injury.  Who’ll be under center next week is anyone’s guess.  Smith looked terrible and resembled the horrors that Michael Myers brings to his victims as you won’t see him coming but by then, it’s already too late.

The worst part is no one is waking us fans up to tell us this is all just a horrible dream.