NY Jets News: Brandon Marshall gets into it with teammate


In the latest NY Jets news, the team hopes to move past their recent lost to the New England Patriots while Brandon Marshall elaborated on an incident with a fellow teammate.

Brandon Marshall: I ‘got into it’ with Jets teammate during loss to Patriots by Rich Cimini (ESPN)

"“There’s a lot of testosterone,” Marshall said. “I mean, you put so much into the week, you know you get disappointed and you get frustrated in those moments. This Sunday, I got into it with a teammate but we got in the locker room, we talked it out and we love each other.”"

One can’t deny the passion this team has when it comes to what they’re all working hard to accomplish. It’s tough to lose a game when your team had plenty of opportunities to really beat one of the top teams in the NFL but lots of times emotions get involved. These things are expected and should no way be a reflection of Marshall’s past since he’s been an incredible part of the team and especially on offense. These things happen and are completely normal.

Time for Jets to bury loss to Patriots, sans shovels by Rich Cimini (ESPN)

"“The one thing we can’t do is let this (loss) resonate,” veteran said. “We have to be able to drop it because Oakland is a good team and they’re fighting hard, and their trend is going upward. Willie Colon"

What’s done is done as it’s time for the Jets to move on. Sure, it was a tough loss to the Patriots but the team needs to move on to their next opponent, a road game in Oakland against the Raiders. The Jets are a well coached team as Todd Bowles will continue moving them past adversity and look to bounce back against a team that is also expected to fight just as hard.

The Jets Have Already Moved On to Oakland by Jamir Howerton (NewYorkJets.com)

"Even while fielding questions from the media this afternoon, Fitzpatrick jokingly said, “I’m multitasking right now — paying attention to your questions but also watching Raiders film. So we’re on to the next game here and trying to figure out the best way to attack Oakland.”"

Don’t sleep on the Oakland Raiders since they’re a young team that is definitely on the rise. I’m a huge fan of everything Derek Carr has been doing as he’s only going to get better with time. The one thing that give the Jets a slight advantage  is that they have a defense that should be able to stop Carr pretty well. This is a great game for the Jets to step into, dominate and leave victorious.

Historic rivalry renewed at tipping point of Jets’ season by Brian Costello (New York Post)

"It is indeed time for the Jets to bounce back after that heartbreaking loss to the Patriots. Everyone will be watching to see how they put that game behind them as they travel to Oakland to face the Raiders, who no longer look like pushovers."

I’ve always liked the history and lore of the Raiders dating back to their John Madden days. I remember their stadium is like Halloween every game day because they have some of the most passionate and incredible fans in the NFL. They’ve been through a lot, similar to the Jets and also are enjoying many more positives than negatives. These two teams are similar but I think the Jets should be able to get a big win on the road considering they’ll be playing with a huge chip on their shoulders.

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