NY Jets: For whom the (dinner) bell tolls


Defensive end Sheldon Richardson couldn’t have come back at a better time for the NY Jets as he was served a nice plate of Washington Redskins but has his eyes set on the upcoming feast of the New England Patriots.

Having served his four-game suspension, Sheldon Richardson came back to work against Washington Redskins.  He made a statement this week about “coming to eat” and although Richardson did not have a mind blowing game, there was no doubt watching him that the former Defensive Rookie of the Year came back hungry.

You could just see it in his eyes.  Richardson seemed to hear the dinner bell ring when quarterback Kirk Cousins invited him to the table in the second quarter. He cut through the line and put Cousins down with ease and precision. Though he was only credited with .5 a sack, he celebrated with a robust chest pump with fellow defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson.

This set the tone that he came to play and is ready to go for the rest of the season.  During the game, he and the crew were able to hold the Redskins back by only allowing 34 rushing yards and this was supposed to be the thing to fear from their offense.  In addition, he assisted with 3 tackles during the game.

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As I mentioned earlier, it may not be the best game he has played -he’s had so many good ones- but he did help the Jets reach an important victory.

Now, with the first game under his belt, there’s no way his appetite has been completely fulfilled. He looked as good as ever hustling and bustling against opposing offensive linemen.  But there is a bigger feast that awaits.

Richardson is just going to keep getting better on a defense that is already on a caliber of its own.  Remember, during the month away he could attend meetings but couldn’t hit the field with Gang Green so he continued to build his anxiousness to make a splash upon his return.

Consider the Redskins an appetizer since well, the Patriots are the main entrée.  Tom Brady should be very, very careful since Richardson has more than likely put a big circle on this upcoming matchup and wants to have one of the best games yet of his young career.

The real dinner is almost here as Richardson is ready to make a huge statement that not only he’s back but the Jets are ready to take down their division rival.

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