NY Jets News: Chris Ivory is not the best running back in NFL


In this roundup of NY Jets news, Brandon Marshall claims Chris Ivory is the best running back in the NFL while also agreeing there is still much work to do on offense.

Brandon Marshall on Chris Ivory: ‘Best running back in the league’ by Rich Cimini (ESPN)

"It’s probably a stretch to say Ivory is the best, but he has put himself in the conversation. If he continues to crank out yards at his current pace, he’ll top the 1,500-yard mark."

Let me be the first to say, I think Ivory is definitely one of the top running backs playing today. But to say he’s the best in the NFL at this point in time is a bit of a far stretch based on the small sample size we’ve seen so far this season. Keep in mind Ivory’s best game this season and of his career came against the terrible defense of the Miami Dolphins. He also missed a game due to injury as the better teams are approaching and to be the best, you must beat the best. Before Marshall makes such claims, perhaps we should wait and see how Ivory does over the next 3-5 games.

Todd Bowles and Ryan Fitzpatrick: Cool, calm and connected by Rich Cimini (ESPN)

"Maybe it’s because their personalities are so much alike. They’re even-tempered and unflappable. With apologies to Kenny Chesney, just call them the Poise of Fall."

I like what Bowles and Fitzpatrick brings to the table because there is no drama or quarterback controversy. They know what must get done and have similar respect in each other as it should be between a head coach and his quarterback. While Fitzpatrick isn’t perfect, Bowles has done a terrific job in his head coaching debut and has handled things very well. He’s professional and his quiet demeanor of getting through to his players clearly shows he has everything and everyone under control for the task at hand.

Marshall: Pass Offense Is a Work-in-Progress by Randy Lange (NewYorkJets.com)

"“We’re excited that we’re part of helping our team get to 3-1,” he said. “But the cool thing about Fitz and also myself is that we feel like we’ve left a lot of meat on the bones. When you really look at the film, we’re definitely not where we want to be."

While many are very happy with the Jets solid start to the season, there is still plenty of football ahead. Fitzpatrick has yet to have a game that doesn’t see him give up an interception and as the schedule will only get tougher, he must perform better. Considering the Jets pretty much played mediocre teams, the real test is awaiting them as they prepare for a slate of 12 straight games against opponents. If they can put all the pieces together, the offense can be potent but until then, the Jets have much to work on.

Jets making three big additions before the trade deadline by Brian Costello (New York Post)

"They’re getting back three significant bodies over the next few weeks in defensive tackle , running back and cornerback . Sheldon Richardson Stevan Ridley Dee Milliner"

I personally don’t see the Jets making any major trades before the trading deadline. There were some rumors a few days ago that the Jets might consider trading away Geno Smith but it doesn’t really make much sense to do so. Bryce Petty is nowhere near ready to step in should an injury happen to Fitzpatrick or a decline in his play force a quarterback switch. Should some kind of situation like that arise, Smith would be the best option to step in and take care of business. Trading him away wouldn’t be ideal in the grand scheme of things since he’s the primary backup.

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