NY Jets: Confidence breeds success


The NY Jets are having fun on the football field and although they’re not perfect, the team has confidence brewing everywhere across the roster.

The Jets are currently 3-1 and heading into their Week 5 bye. It came at a perfect time since it gives some banged up players some much-needed time to heal up and prepare for their next opponent in Week 6 against the Washington Redskins.

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I’ve always believed that confidence breeds success, no matter what profession or situation you’re in. If you believe in yourself, you’d be pretty surprised how far you can go in anything you set your mind, soul and spirit into succeeding.

For the Jets, it’s apparent that stemming from head coach Todd Bowles all the way to every player on this team, confidence is breeding everywhere. They believe in what Bowles is preaching and are executing to the best of their abilities. The Jets aren’t playing perfect football but I can easily see they’re striving to be flawless on the gridiron because they’re confident to get the job done and willing to put in the work to achieve greatness.

Thanks to the Media Relations Department of the Jets, here is what Bowles had to say about confidence and how it’s growing all across the team:

On if he’s sensed confidence growing within the team…

Yes, I think we’re growing together. I think everybody is starting to realize that we can become a good team, but we have to cut out a lot of mistakes ahead and we’ve got a long haul to go and it’s not going to happen overnight. But, the guys are getting a lot more confident.

On if he’s sensed the confidence growing within the coaching staff…

Yes, I think the staff, growing together and working together, getting the preseason games out of the way and getting a feel for each other and how they work and who’s the yeller, who’s the teacher and who the screamers are. I think they got a real good feel for each other.

Oct 4, 2015; London, ENG; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) throws a pass during the first half of the game against the New York Jets at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Bowles is completely right since as the season progresses and when they eventually clean up their issues with tackling and miscues, the Jets could truly be a dangerous team. It all starts with confidence since if they can keep believing in that they are indeed a team worthy of the NFL Playoffs, they’ll get there confident in each other to make this season one for the ages.

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