New York Jets: #JetsTwitter for Week 3


#JetsTwitter once again was in full force this week for the New York Jets. As Jets fans, reporters and Twitter personalities have shown, we know how to convey a message on social media, especially when the going gets a little tough. Hope still remains for the Jets, as the defense woke up in the second half. As for the offense and the fact that we did still lose the game, my fellow Tweeters did a sufficient job of getting the message across. As always, mention @TheJetPress or #JetsTwitter for extra consideration!

Personally, I blame the white out. No more of that @nyjets

— Joe Caporoso (@TurnOnTheJets) September 27, 2015

I think we can also blame some sort of Eagles curse, because the Jets looked snake-bitten in the first half. I still wouldn’t mind not seeing the all-white combination ever again. Those jerseys and that first half of football can go leave to a deserted island.

Tough loss, back to the lab to get things corrected for next week.

— Damon Harrison (@BigDame900) September 27, 2015

Snacks wastes no time putting this game behind him. If the Jets are going to be successful they’ll have to take each game at a time. They have a long trip ahead of them, and have to pounce on the Dolphins while they’re down.

10,000 career receiving yds for @BMarshall. Congrats, 15.

— New York Jets (@nyjets) September 27, 2015

For as many knucklehead plays Marshall makes – including one in particular on Sunday – he should be viewed as an asset to any team he is on. He sure has been somewhat of a security blanket for Ryan Fitzpatrick thus far, and we’ll need more good Brandon Marshall more and more to bail out shoddy quarterback play.

I have been watching the #Jets all my life. That is the dumbest play I have ever seen.

— Mike Greenberg (@Espngreeny) September 27, 2015

Speaking of those knucklehead Marshall plays, ESPN talking head Mike Greenberg votes Marshall’s attempted lateral as the dumbest play he has seen out of the Jets. Given the circumstances, I think it would be foolish to vote against buttfumble still. Just the thought of that play makes my stomach turn like it’s full of Thanksgiving stuffing.

Watching replays of that Fitz INT like…..

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 27, 2015

#JetsTwitter was pining for a quarterback controversy on Sunday. Pictures of a less than pleased Geno Smith were circulating around the Twittersphere as a way to show displeasure with the current quarterback play.

It's fine I guess we'll just have to settle for 15-1.

— Gang Green Nation (@GangGreenNation) September 27, 2015

That works for me. I wouldn’t mind a home playoff game. Imagine inviting the Patriots to our house for once for a playoff game? Just again, no white out. We’ll have snow for that anyway.

#Jets and fans salute the late Yogi Berra at MetLife Stadium

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) September 27, 2015

New York is a big city, with big time sports fans. While most of us around now were not around to see Yogi in his prime, he has been ingrained in the culture of the New York sports scene. He may not be the greatest Yankee – although he should be in the 5-10 range – he may be one of the most iconic. The Jets realized in the second half that the game truly wasn’t over until it was actually over.

I don’t know how much more the #Jets defense can do. They may have to start scoring themselves

— Connor Hughes (@Connor_J_Hughes) September 27, 2015

I don’t really understand where any of the defensive criticism is coming from. They didn’t have the greatest first half, but they were facing some speedsters, including Darren Sproles. If JR Fitz took care of the football a little more, the Jets may have actually had a chance to win the game in the end.

#Jets D actually played pretty well today. A few bad running plays early & the wheel route but otherwise really good. Offense let them down

— Chris Nimbley (@Cnimbley) September 27, 2015

I share this sentiment. Even on the postgame, former Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff wondered what the deal was covering the wheel route. Fitzpatrick was truly JR Fitz Sunday. This was like a game when JR goes 3-20 from the field, shoots the New York Knicks straight out of the game, and they lose by 30. The Knicks shipped him for a reason.

Jets hear boos from the crowd after another three-and-out. People say Chip Kelly's offense is predictable? How 'bout Chan Gailey? #NYJ

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 27, 2015

I can’t recall too many running plays being executed in the second half. They might as well have based on the amount of time being taken off the clock between snaps towards the end of the game. You would think there would be some ability to increase the offensive tempo, especially considering Fitz and Chan “Duane” Gailey have some history. Fitz threw the ball 58 times, which he claimed in post-game interviews was probably the most times he ever threw in a single game. Whatever.

Tune in next week for #JetsTwitter from across the pond!

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