Eagles vs Jets: Questions with Inside The Iggles


With the upcoming Eagles vs Jets game, many fans of the Jets are curious as to what the 0-2 team out of Philadelphia will bring to the table. Luckily enough, we here at The Jet Press were able to ask some questions and get some answers from Anthony DiBona of InsideTheIggles.com to see what he thinks about this big Week 3 matchup.

Here is what Anthony answered from questions asked by yours truly, enjoy!

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1 – What exactly is wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles? Why are they in such a funk as a team?

Chip Kelly and the players have said it over and over again, it’s all about execution. The talent is certainly there for the Eagles to succeed as a team but they keep falling flat on their faces due to poor execution. This isn’t something that’s new to the Eagles since Kelly was hired as the team’s head coach in 2013.

The team has had back to back disappointing games before, especially when it comes to running the ball. But if they continue to struggle this week against the New York Jets, then we’ll know there is a serious problem.

2 – Is a quarterback change in the works or will Chip Kelly stick with Sam Bradford no matter what?

I highly doubt the Eagles make a change at quarterback any time soon. Kelly has said multiple times he hasn’t considered ever starting Mark Sanchez over Bradford. That being said, if Bradford continues to struggle, especially at the beginning of games, a change could certainly take place. That’s another reason why I believe the team recently signed Thad Lewis, another experienced option at quarterback in case the team continues to struggle.

3 – Are their any regrets for the Eagles not keeping Tim Tebow?

Absolutely not. While the attention and the page views were nice at first, everyone seemed to get tired of Tebow pretty fast. It was obvious he was an awful quarterback that could be easily replaced with better talent…and he was. Stephen Morris originally took his roster spot as the team’s third quarterback but now he has been stashed on the practice squad. Both Morris and Thad Lewis are much better quarterbacks with more upside than Tebow currently possesses.

Sep 3, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow (11) rushes for yardage against the New York Jets during second half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

4 – Who should the Jets’ defense keep an eye on on offense that can open up this game for the Eagles?

Everyone is still waiting for Josh Huff or Nelson Agholor to make an impact. While Jordan Matthews has been Sam Bradford’s go-to target, he’s limited in terms of big play ability. Huff and Agholor have underrated deep speed and both are explosive after the catch. While they’ll have a tough time getting open against the Jets’ secondary, if Bradford can get the ball in their hands, watch out.

5 – Why hasn’t DeMarco Murray been able to replicate the major success he had last season with the Dallas Cowboys with the Eagles?

To be completely honest, Barry Sanders wouldn’t even be able to run behind this offensive line right now. While everyone was skeptical about the two new starting guards, the two former Pro Bowlers are struggling this year as well. Left tackle Jason Peters and center Jason Kelce both have been inconsistent and continue to look shaky as the season progresses.

Poor communication seems to be a problem that is plaguing the Eagles’ running game as well. Offensive linemen are blocking the same player at times, allowing a defender or two to get into the backfield untouched. While it’s easy to look at Murray’s stats and point the finger at him, he honestly hasn’t had much room to work with. Hopefully the offensive line can get their act together heading into Week 3 but doing so against the Jets’ front seven will be a tough task.

6 – Final score and MVP?

As much as I want to say the Eagles will win this game, I just don’t see it happening. The Jets seem like the last team the Eagles would want to play right now. They have struggled to take care of the football and the Jets’ defense leads the NFL in takeaways. This all adds up to a match-up nightmare for the Eagles this week. Although the game will be close due to the Jets lack of weapons on offense.

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