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The excitement leading up to the start of the regular season for the New York Jets has been apparent among Jet fans. New jerseys are flying off the shelves at local sporting good stores and the internet alike. Ticket sales at MetLife stadium have been brisk, and it would appear fans are ready for Week 1 to finally arrive!

With all that being said, the week leading up to the game can get a little long at times. The roster is set, the teams have been written about extensively and the match ups have been analyzed fully. I’d like to break things up a bit and well, try something new.

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This time around, I’m going to try something a little different from my normal articles here at The Jet Press. I’d like the discussion to be more vital than anything I write in this space.

I’d like you, the reader, to give your opinions on a variety of topics concerning the Jets as I hope to get a really hot discussion going and keep things interesting leading up to the season opener against the Cleveland Browns.

Who gives the Jets the best chance to win football games as their starting quarterback?

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Topic 1: The quarterback position. We all know the story line here, Geno Smith was the presumed starter for Week 1 until he had his jaw broken in a locker room fight. Ryan Fitzpatrick steps in as the starter and Bryce Petty steps into the back up role. I’d like to hear your take on the quarterback position and how it plays out going through the season.

Who gives the Jets the best chance to contribute more as their premier tight end?

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Topic 2: The tight end position. The Jets appeared to be set at tight end at the beginning of spring practices as it was going to be a strength position for the offense before the injury bug hit. Both Jace Amaro and Zach Sudfeld were lost for the season. Jeff Cumberland and Kellen Davis are the only tight ends on the 53-man roster heading into Week 1.  Today is your day to sound off about the position, join the discussion!

Who will get to 1,000 rushing yards first at running back for the Jets?

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Topic 3: The running back position. Chris Ivory leads the running back stable for the Jets once again. Behind him the Jets have Zac Stacy and Bilal Powell. I want to hear your opinions on the individuals and the group as a whole. Let’s get a discussion going and if you want, throw in your predictions for the Jets’ run game this season.

Who will be your favorite player of the Jets this upcoming season?

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Topic 4: Favorite player in 2015. This one is wide open, just tell us who your favorite Jet is at this point and let us know why! Any reason is good enough to leave a comment, maybe you just like the guy’s beard. I think we could get a wide variety of opinions on this one, hopefully you’ll leave us a comment and mention more beards.

What part of the team will field the team's overall MVP of 2015?

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Topic 5: The biggest contributor of the season. This topic asks which part of the football team will contribute overall team MVP of the year. Do you think it’ll be a player from offense, defense or special teams? Maybe we could even make some predictions about who the team MVP’s will be for the season. Your call how you’d like to discuss this one as I look forward to reading these comments.

Please vote in the polls and leave all your comments below. Before that, I do have some trivia for you! It might spur some interesting discussions. Here’s the question: Since 1990, the Jets have drafted four tight ends in the first round, can you name them? Most of my readers will find this one pretty simple but don’t be afraid to throw in any comments you might have on the group!

I’m really hoping you’ll join us here at The Jet Press and leave us some comments. I’m looking forward to reading the opinions, the facts and any tidbits you want to add to the discussion. I’m thinking we could have a bit of fun here. This is the first article I’ve tried like this, if it flies and you enjoy the format, maybe we could do it again. Let me know what you think of that idea as well.

Thanks for letting me do this, and in advance, thanks for joining the discussion. I enjoy discussing the Jets with my readers, so please join us and as always, Let’s Talk Jet Football!!

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