New York Jets: Leonard Williams discusses first sack


When the New York Jets selected defensive end Leonard Williams in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, many considered it to be one of the best selections the franchise has made in quite some time. Easily the top defender in this year’s draft, Williams will be a cornerstone for years to come due to his incredible skill-set that can be molded even further over time. Considering the issues facing Sheldon Richardson and the contract negotiations with Muhammad Wilkerson, the Jets know they have a future replacement waiting in Williams that can wreak havoc for years to come on their defensive line.

In their preseason victory over the Atlanta Falcons, Williams was able to get his first sack which was also a safety for a double bonus. Thanks to the Media Relations Department of the Jets, here is what he said about his first sack in its entirety:

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On whether he ever thought his first sack would be a safety…

No. I know preseason doesn’t really count and also it was a wide open sack, I think it was a missed assignment on their part, but it still felt great being out there and making plays. That’s one thing last week, I felt like I wasn’t in enough to make plays and stuff like that, so this week really helped me a lot because I was able to make a few tackles and plays.

On how good it felt to get a sack…

It felt great finally hitting the quarterback. We practice all the time and when we get to the quarterback we have to ease up, so it finally feels great being able to not stop.

On his shared sack with Jason Babin

That was great because it was a great play call as well. We ran it (was) excellent. The MIKE came and picked the guard for me so I looped around and it came wide open.

On whether he was surprised when he blew past the line to get the safety…

It was weird. I kind of thought the guard was pulling or something so when I first got past the line, I looked for the running back thinking the ball was going to go that way, but then I saw the quarterback pull it up. It surprised me, but I’m going to take it.

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