VIDEO: Geno Smith turning it around?


Quarterback Geno Smith is entering his third year in the NFL and with the New York Jets in hopes of turning his career around for the better. So far in his young career, he’s 11-18 with the Jets contributing 5,571 yards with 466 completions, 25 touchdowns and 34 interceptions. Needless to say, he hasn’t lived up to his potential nor delivered a winning season under center. He’s shown glimpses of being able to get the job done but dumb decisions on the field and a lack of a supporting cast have hindered his progression.

This upcoming season however, Smith has no more excuses as the Jets are entering a new era in the franchise. With a brand new leadership regime in place, the Jets made sure to surround Smith with better talent around him, give him a simplified spread offense that suits his style and are gleaming with confidence that he can develop into their franchise quarterback of the future.

In a video by 120 Sports, here is what they had to say about Smith being able to turn things around once and for all in 2015:

These guys hit it right on the head since for once, Smith is in probably the best situation he’s been in with the Jets since he was drafted by the team. While many agree he was thrown too soon to the wolves in his rookie year, he should be able to take off in his third year and hopefully prove his critics wrong.

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Overall, while the jury is out on what he can ultimately do with everything seemingly better around him, the excitement is definitely there that he heads into training camp and proves he gives the Jets the best option to win plenty of football games in 2015.

This is definitely the perfect time for Smith to turn everything around for the better and emerge as the next top quarterback of the NFL. That is of course, if everything falls into place.

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