New York Jets: Breaking down Breno Giacomini’s comments


Before offensive lineman Breno Giacomini became a member of the New York Jets, he was fresh off a Super Bowl win and enjoying life to the fullest as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Now with his first season in the books with the Jets, he’s seen what the other side of the spectrum consists of when it comes to a team that struggled for the majority of last season. With new faces, a new regime and a much more positive outlook, what does Giacomini think is in the cards when it comes to the Jets’ defense heading into 2015?

Well for starters, the Jets made a ton of great moves to bolster their defensive secondary this offseason, one of their major weaknesses of 2014. They were able to bring in Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine to help infuse some much needed talent into a secondary that was absolutely terrible last season.

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The rest of the Jets’ defense remains in tact as it’s filled with a ton of talent and has plenty of depth waiting to contribute. The Jets drafted defensive end Leonard Williams who many analysts believe was the top defensive prospect in the entire 2015 NFL Draft.

In a recent article written by Kristian Dyer of the New York Metro, here is what Giacomini had to say about how the Jets’ defense is looking like so far this offseason:

"“As far as having a good backend and a good front seven, the speed is definitely there. You can’t tell right now in practice but in terms of having the personnel – and I don’t want to compare you know but – I think there are some similarities there. There is leadership there, they will help lead the team. But you’re starting to feel like it could be like there,” Giacomini told Metro last week during minicamp. “When you practice like you play and you’re practicing against one of the top defenses, it almost makes it easier. With all the looks that we got – we knew and were prepared for so much. It makes everything a little bit easier come gameday.”"

Needless to say, to have Giacomini compare the Jets’ defense to one of the top defenses of the NFL in the Seahawks is a huge compliment. He hit it right on the nail since the potential is clearly there for the Jets to win plenty of football games thanks to a stout defense, experience and leadership keeping it all together. With the way things are going so far, the Jets’ defense is definitely going to be something to watch unfold in 2015.

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