Coffee with the New York Jets: Kaepernick trade possible?


Grab a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy some excellent reading material on the New York Jets. In this edition, the thoughts behind a possible trade in the future for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, more from Michael Vick and 5 reasons why the Jets might actually miss the NFL Playoffs in 2015. Enjoy and we here at The Jet Press wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!

Could Colin Kaepernick be in the New York Jets’ future? by Rich Cimini (ESPN)

"Kaepernick would have to have a bad season, because why else would the 49ers want to dump a 28-year-old starter and start over at quarterback? Money, I suppose, could be a factor, as Kaepernick’s cap charge in 2016 is $16.8 million."

Former Jets LB Jermaine Cunningham gets probation in ‘revenge porn’ case by Associated Press (New York Daily News)

", an NFL free agent, pleaded guilty last month to charges including invasion of privacy. He admitted posting revealing photos of a woman online without her consent. Prosecutors say the woman was Cunningham’s estranged girlfriend. Jermaine Cunningham"

Former Jet Vick ready to hand Geno keys to the Porsche by Kristian Dyer (New York Metro)

"“I think Geno just has to stay the course. I think without struggle there’s no progress, and I think he’s been through that part throughout the first two years of his career,” Vick said on NFL Total Access last night on the NFL Network."

New York Jets: 5 Reasons They Could Miss Postseason by Kenneth Teape (

"Smith has the most potential of this group, but there is no promise that the new coaching staff will be able to coax the potential out of him any better than Ryan and his staff was. This is arguably the biggest question mark on the team, and would be the leading reason they miss the postseason in 2015."

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