New York Jets: Breaking down Buster Skrine’s comments


Could the New York Jets potentially be a “dream team” heading into 2015? Well, according to cornerback Buster Skrine, he believes the Jets’ defense is so loaded with talent, that they will be very close to a dream team on that side of the football. While many believe his comments are a bit premature since it’s yet to be seen how the Jets’ defense will actually gel this upcoming season, he caused quite the stir with his latest comments to the football world.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks, here is what Skrine said about the potential of the Jets’ defense come 2015:

"“I’ve never played on a defense with this much talent,”​ Skrine told me after a recent Jets OTA session. “Our front seven has all-stars and then in the back end, we have all-stars. I’ve never seen anything like this. Everybody said the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be like the Dream Team, but we have chemistry on this defense already, and you can see it out in practice. I mean, we can match up however you want to match up. We can match up with any offense.”"

Needless to say, while he does have a point, he probably should have used better judgement than to proclaim that due to their chemistry so far during mini-camps that they will stop any offensive juggernaut coming his way. Keep in mind the Jets’ mini-camps doesn’t feature players in full pads and gear so there still is much to be seen once training camp arrives.

While there is no denying the Jets will truly field a much-improved defense this upcoming season compared to last year, players of the team should stay mum about being dubbed a dream team before they actually start playing games that count in the wins and losses column.

Overall, it’s understood where Skrine is coming from but until the Jets can string together a nice long winning streak during the regular season thanks to a stout defense, he should let the product on the field do all the talking in the grand scheme of things.

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