New York Jets: Expectations for Antonio Allen in 2015


It’s amazing what a new general manager and head coach can do for the New York Jets, eh? Last year, the previous regime thought that magic would happen when they converted safety Antonio Allen into a cornerback due to depth concerns at the position. Needless to say, while Allen put in a tremendous amount of effort into doing his best, he was naturally out of position and wasn’t as successful as envisioned. Allen struggled to find the consistency needed to thrive and probably couldn’t wait for the season to be over due to how abysmal the Jets’ defensive secondary was.

Now with a new regime in town trying to right the ship, Allen can now go back to playing his natural position and contribute in a much more significant role. While he is battling out others to secure a spot on the final roster of the Jets later this summer, expectations for him are pretty high heading into 2015.

In an article written by ESPN’s Rich Cimini, here is what head coach Todd Bowles had to say about what Allen brings to the table:

"“He’s athletic,” Bowles said. “In shorts and a T-shirt, he runs around well. He has a passion for the game and he’s a very brash guy, which is a good thing in football. You need some swagger. We’ll see if that carries over to the summer.”"

Passion is something money can’t buy but Bowles as usual sounded non-committal to where Allen falls in the grand scheme of things. If he can continue playing well, sticking to defensive assignments and show that aggression he’s known to bring as a quality safety, he should definitely end up on the final roster in a backup role.

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Safety is without question an important part of any stout defense. If the Jets plan to make a run at the NFL Playoffs this upcoming season, the kind of quality depth they have could be what makes the key difference in becoming contenders again.

With Allen ready to step in and delivery when his number is called, he should be ready to contribute nicely when it comes to the overall abilities he brings to the Jets’ defense the moment he’s on the football field.

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