Geno Smith: Is he the long-term answer of New York Jets?


The time is now for quarterback Geno Smith. Whether he shines come training camp time and earns his Week 1 starting spot or gets demoted to backup, the football world will know what his long-term picture will look like on the New York Jets. He’s already committed interceptions during organized team activities but also showed signs of progression as well. It’s hard to tell what will happen once the pads go on come training camp time but so far, 2015 will be the year everyone knows if he’s the long-term answer for the Jets or if his tenure will come to an end.

The Jets this upcoming season have their bye on Week 5 which could have a significant meaning for Smith. If he does well during training camps and is the clear-cut answer for the Jets, there is no doubt he’ll be under center come Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns.

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If Smith starts off poorly and continues being the turnover machine he’s been known to be, a Week 5 starting quarterback change will most likely be in his destiny. If the Jets have to turn at any point this upcoming season to Ryan Fitzpatrick to get the job done, one better believe Smith won’t be back in 2016.

On the other hand, if Smith can build some momentum with a strong training camp and bring his talents to the new Jets’ spread offensive system, he can silence his critics once and for all. Considering that Smith had some pretty good success at West Virginia running a similar offense, if he can rekindle his abilities running it, he will surprise many in 2015.

Smith absolutely has the potential to be the long-term answer for the Jets since he got the raw end of the deal when he initially drafted into the NFL. With a better supporting cast, new coaches to show him the light and an offensive system better suited to his abilities, this could finally be his breakout season.

There are no more excuses for Smith this time around. While many can sympathize that he was thrown too early to the wolves ever since he arrived on the Jets, there is a very short leash on him in 2015. If he can deliver for the Jets, he could turn out to be exactly what they need to lead this franchise back to the spotlight for years to come. If not, the Jets will have to start from scratch yet again at quarterback.

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