Todd Bowles smart to silence the Jets


These past few weeks the New York Jets have tried to stick with having issues be about what is on the football field but lately have done the opposite. It started off with Willie Colon‘s comments about the Jets’ offense being like a Porsche and how Geno Smith has been given the keys to drive it. Then Antonio Cromartie had a Twitter war with ex-Jet Kellen Winslow Jr. which caused quite the distraction. What has new head coach Todd Bowles done to keep his team in check?

He told them to silence the nonsense.

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In an article written by ESPN’s Rich Cimini, here is what Bowles had to say about all the latest off the field distractions that have hit the Jets:

"“I don’t want them to be robots, but they have to be smart about it. It’s the players’ prerogative, but they have to understand, if the coach isn’t happy [with them] doing certain things, they’re going to have to cut it short.”"

Needless to say, this is leaps and bounds different from the usual leadership Jets fans have been use to under former head coach Rex Ryan. While Ryan would have agreed with anything his players said to the media, Bowles is taking the smarter approach and nipping things in the bud before they become a habitual problem.

It’s good to see that Bowles knows how to handle issues like this in a professional way. The change of culture is apparent as things are seemingly heading in a much better direction. Hopefully players understand that Bowles means business as he wants all the chatter to be about winning football games and returning to the NFL Playoffs. Not about players wanting $100 million dollar contracts, talking about teammates poorly or having a battle against a former player over nonsense.

Overall, Bowles definitely did the right thing to silence players when it comes to issues that don’t pertain to bringing on-the-field success to the team this upcoming season. At the end of the day, that is all that matters, not these past headlines that are portraying the Jets in an all too similar fashion while Bowles is doing his best to put the team in a better spotlight.

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