New York Jets: Will team be that bad offensively come 2015?


Are the New York Jets, especially on offense, projected to be that bad this upcoming season? Well, according to Pro Football Focus who did a special examination across the entire NFL in order to power rank each team for ESPN, they ranked the Jets the 21st-best team in the league. It all boils down to many assessments they did to determine their rankings but one glaring reason why they probably ranked them that low, is mainly due to what could happen offensively in 2015.

They analyzed everything on each team, grading players, plays and a ton of other intensive research to really shed some light on what to expect this upcoming season. Needless to say, while the Jets should be able to field a top defense in 2015, their offense could be what keeps them back from being a contender again.

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With Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick battling it out this summer for the starting quarterback spot on the Jets, either option doesn’t exactly give a “wow” factor to the team. If Smith gets the nod, the expectations are he should be somewhat better but more than likely continue being a turnover machine until he’s eventually replaced.

Fitzpatrick on the other hand is coming off a broken leg injury as his experience should help but it’s not like he’s a high-caliber kind of quarterback. He’s good but not great as he can only take the Jets so far depending on how everything else clicks offensively.

The Jets have a decent corps at running back with Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, Zac Stacy and Stevan Ridley more than likely being the depth chart at the position in 2015. While they don’t have any true running threat that can really take it to the house, the Jets will have a running back committee and hope that it’s enough to become contenders again in the AFC East.

An area that seemingly looks upgraded at is wide receiver. With Brandon Marshall bringing experience and Devin Smith bringing youth, the Jets are hoping the infusion of these two top talents will bolster a receiving corps that hasn’t lived up to what is needed to light up the scoreboard consistently in the NFL.

Overall, as much as one hates to admit it, the Jets on paper look like they actually are the projected 21st-best team in the NFL since most of the time a team only goes as far as its offense will take it. If things start to sputter out of control offensively for them in 2015, many will look back to what many analysts knew all along that without a stellar quarterback running the ship, it’s the case of the “same old Jets” all over again.

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