2015 NFL Draft: Brandon Scherff to the New York Jets in Mel Kiper’s Latest Mock


Everybody reading this post knows the name Mel Kiper.  His work can be seen just about daily on ESPN and ESPN.com in weeks leading up to the NFL draft.  Whether general managers like him or not, and if you saw the 1994 NFL draft, some do not, he has spent the better part of his professional career analyzing the college prospects in the NFL draft.  So, he like many other experts including this website, periodically puts out a mock draft until the real thing.

Well, Mel posted his most recent version on ESPN’s website (Insider subscription required), and in it, he mocked Brandon Scherff to the New York Jets.  Here are Kiper’s thoughts:

If Mariota is here I think that’s the direction the Jets go. And while I can certainly see this team moving up to No. 2, as I noted above, we know the price is going to be steep, and it might simply be too high a cost. I know this is a possible fit for a pass-rusher as well, but the Scherff pick also makes a lot of sense if you look at the improvements they’ve made on defense and the improvements they still need to make on offense. The Jets are going to have a good defense next season regardless of whom they take here. The new threats in the passing game are nice, but given the QB options on the roster, this team needs to be able to run the ball. Scherff is a possible starter immediately at right tackle, and is a clear upgrade at either guard spot. It might not be exciting for the fans, but for immediate impact this could be the best pick to make.

To me, this would be a good job by the Jets if they take Scherff. He is correct, many Jets fans would be underwhelmed by the pick, but it would be a solid one. The Jets need to be able to run the football. They also have an aging offensive line. Scherff is a talented player, and even if he can’t start right away at tackle, he would be a signficant upgrade at guard. Scherff would not be a flashy pick, it might be a pick that would be booed if the draft were in New York. But it would be a good choice.

I don’t like his thought on trading up to number two. Even if I were sold on Mariota, I would not be THAT sold.

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