New York Jets: Top Five Darrelle Revis Interceptions


The New York Jets sent their fan base into euphoria earlier this week. Darrelle Revis was signed, bringing everyone back to days gone by. “Revis Island” has returned to New York City. Visions of receivers taken out of football games are dancing in everyone’s head. Jets fans are dreaming of #24 running down the field with the football. They have longed for a defense that could cover against the pass, and now they have one.

The New York Jets brought Darrelle Revis home. Revis’ motives for coming home are not the point of this post. For now, Revis is back, and the New York Jets are better for it.

This afternoon, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the days of Darrelle Revis in a Jets uniform, thanks to one of our Facebook followers. Revis made so many great plays, it’s hard to choose the best. So, I decided to take five plays from days gone by, and relive some of his greatest moments with the Jets.

So here are five top interceptions by Darrelle Revis in a Jets uniform, in no particular order.

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JETS VS COWBOYS: WEEK ONE 2011 There were high hopes as the Jets opened the 2011 season on the anniversary of 9/11. The Jets were coming off of a second straight trip to the AFC title game and fans were ready to open the season in a big way against the Dallas Cowboys. It was a close one, and with around one minute to go, at 24-24, it looked like the Cowboys were going to have a chance to get in position to win it.

In stepped Darrelle Revis. He turned it right around, and led the way to a Nick Folk game-winning field goal. Enjoy above!

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JETS VS CHARGERS: DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF 2009: The Chargers and Jets were doing battle for the right to face the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game. The game was close, 7-3, a little bit past the halfway point in the third quarter. It was a surprising season for the Jets, making a run that even the coach didn’t even think was possible in the latter part of the regular season.

This was just one heck of a play by Darrelle Revis. Going up over Vincent Jackson, and having the concentration that he shows here. Just watch.

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JETS VS RAIDERS: WEEK 7 2009: This one comes from a mid-season game against the Oakland Raiders. The Jets were in their throwbacks, those very ugly Titans uniforms, taking on the Oakland Raiders out in Oakland.

Why did I pick this one? It was from a dominating performance by the Jets. They were up 14-0 at the time of this pick, and they ended up winning the football game by the score of 38-0. What’s the big deal? I think it is just a great play by Darrelle Revis. Going down the field in single coverage, Revis makes a great play over the top. Just enjoy it.

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JETS VS DOLPHINS: WEEK 6 2011: Monday night at MetLife Stadium was the scene for this one. It was an important game, as the Jets came into this one 2-3, looking to keep the season from coming undone before the halfway point. It was early in the game, and the Dolphins were up 3-0.

This one was Revis against his now teammate, Brandon Marshall. Revis takes this one at the goal line and sets a franchise record. Enjoy.

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JETS VS PATRIOTS: WEEK 2 2009: This was the first time the Jets took on the Patriots in the Rex Ryan era. Rex wasn’t here to kiss Belichick’s rings, and this was the first time the Jets had the chance to show it, and they did, topping their rivals 16-9.

I chose this one because it simply was a pick on Tom Brady. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate a video that included only the game against the Pats, so enjoy this overall highlight video. The play in question begins at 1:47.

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