New York Jets: Darrelle Revis or Brandon Marshall, Bigger Impact in 2015?


The New York Jets have made a lot of moves over the last few days. I think we can all agree that the two biggest moves were the acquisition of Brandon Marshall via trade, and the signing of Darrelle Revis. Two of the top players at their respective positions are now with the New York Jets.

Last night, I posted the question on Twitter, “Who will make the bigger impact in 2015, Marshall or Revis?”

Jets fans have spoken and given us their opinion. Take a look:

@TheJetPress Revis. Stats won’t show it, but he truly eliminates one side of the field

— Michael Nash (@MikeNash15) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress Marshall, he will fill the need we’ve had for #1 receiver for a long time.

— Tyler Moore (@TylerMoore614) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress Definitely Revis. Takes our defense from good to elite. Marshall will have a big impact but is limited by QB situation

— JETUP13 (@Jetsnation13) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress has to be Revis. we couldn’t cover anybody last year lmao

— Tj Foley (@TJ_GangGreen) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress That’s tough. They’ll both change the dynamics of their units. With that said I’ll go revis because defense wins championships

— Anthony gonzalez (@agonz1439) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress Revis.. Gives Bowles a tremendous amount of flexibility as he dials up blitz schemes. Also mentor to the young cbs.

— Let’s Talk Jets! (@TalkJetsRadio) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress Great question. I’ll say Revis We still have questions on our O Line and QB that will limit Marshall’s impact somewhat

— Anil Ramlakhan (@elvisjets85) March 12, 2015

@TheJetPress Marshall is a Beast and will help open up the offense, Regis shuts down his side of the field and alllows the D to T off

— Bill Sherman (@bsherman1980) March 12, 2015

@GoLdEnGirLiE11 @TheJetPress gotta say revis. Give the line more time to hit the qb. Shuts down top wr. He just adds more to the unit.

— John Stephen (@jaesex23) March 12, 2015

Jets Twitter has spoken, and the majority has chosen Darrelle Revis. This is a tough one, because they both fill huge needs that the Jets were lacking in 2015. I think ultimately it will be Marshall, as I have previously discussed that Revis is on the decline. Darrelle Revis will make a huge impact, don’t get me wrong, but the element that Marshall brings is one that the Jets offense hasn’t seen in a zillion years.

What do you think? Discuss below.

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