New York Jets: Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Good Match


For anyone that missed it, Ryan Fitzpatrick was acquired by the Jets today for a late round draft pick. The Jets had their sights on a veteran quarterback, and with the signing by Houston of Brian Hoyer, acquired Fitzpatrick for an inexpensive price.

Fitzpatrick was a good choice, ladies and gentlemen.

Take a look at his career stats:

As you look at these stats, you aren’t going to see Aaron Rodgers, far from it.   Ryan Fitzpatrick is a mediocre quarterback at best.

But, there are a couple of things to put this move in a better light.  Look at Fitzpatrick’s stats last year in Houston.  He posted 17 touchdowns versus only eight interceptions.  His completion percentage was 63.1%.  The last Jets quarterback to post a percentage that high was Brett Favre, just to give you some context.  Fitzpatrick’s passer rating was 95.3.  Can you imagine what it might feel like to have a quarterback with that passer rating?

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Fitzpatrick has also posted a 60% or higher completion percentage every year since 2011.  His years in Buffalo, which were his years of posting over 20 touchdowns, were with Chan Gailey.  Not by coincidence, Chan Gailey is here now.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a graduate of Harvard, which normally wouldn’t be something that I would mention, but when it comes to a quarterback, it’s important.  Quarterbacks need to be smart, and Fitzpatrick is smart, evidenced by his career TD to INT ratio of 123-101.  The last time we had consistently smart quarterback play was with Chad Pennington, and he was a Rhode Scholar finalist.  A smart guy can compete, and mentor young players as well.

Don’t forget the connection with Mike Maccagnan as well.  Both being in Houston last year, Maccagnan was up close and personal with the talents of Ryan Fitzpatrick.  We have all been pumped up about the fact that Mike Maccagnan is a personnel person.  He has nothing to do with the business side, solely personnel.  If Maccagnan is comfortable with Fitzpatrick on a talent level, we really shouldn’t go back and say he isn’t correct.  Let’s give Fitzpatrick a chance to show the Jets, and us, what he can do.

Finally, I have read today how some don’t like the Fitzpatrick move.  Granted, like I said earlier, Fitzpatrick is mediocre.  But, who did you want instead?  Brian Hoyer?  Dare I say it, Mark Sanchez?  Who did you want that the Jets didn’t make a move on?  Who in this crop was that much better than Ryan Fitzpatrick?  There really wasn’t anyone.  Ryan Fitzpatrick was really the best of the group at the quarterback position.

Fitzpatrick, beard and all, can compete with Geno to start, and provide the influence of a veteran mentor.  It’s a good move.

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