New York Jets: Keeping Percy Harvin Is a Must


The Jets face a tough decision whether or not they want to keep Harvin in New York

Come March 19th, the New York Jets will be faced with a very difficult situation. That situation is pretty simple. The question is whether or not they want to keep Percy Harvin. The Jets answer should be yes. Here is why.

While myself and many Jets fans have hopes off the Jets landing a top free agent wide receiver such as Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas or Randall Cobb, I think it is likely that all three resign with their previous teams. I think Dez and Demaryius get the franchise tag, while the Packers sign Cobb to a long, well-deserved contract extension.

As for the Jets, unless they plan on adding a cheaper receiver in free agency, the team should definitely be looking to bring back Percy Harvin. While Harvin’s contract is around $10 million a year, I feel the Jets should look to negotiate a cheaper, team friendly deal to keep Percy around for at least the next few seasons. After being acquired last year from the Seahawks, Percy was clearly the best playmaker on the field for the Jets. While Harvin was dealing with an ankle injury, Harvin still was productive and impacted the Jets in a positive way. While Harvin is clearly best as a WR, he is a solid KR/PR as well.

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For years, the Jets have needed help out the wide receiver position. Now that they have three solid receivers in Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and Harvin, they should not be looking to change this any time soon. Let’s say the team decides to release Harvin, who lines up opposite Decker? While Kerley and Harvin are solid, a player like Harvin who demands attention from defenses, makes the entire offense better. Another underrated point as to why they should keep Harvin is consistency at the WR position.

If Geno Smith is the starting QB in 2015, why would the Jets not want to have the same receivers as last season who Smith is accustomed to throwing to? Towards the end of the season, especially in the Dolphins game, it was obvious that Geno Smith and Eric Decker were on the same page as Decker exploded for a career high in yards. The same could be said when the Jets played the Vikings. Smith hit Harvin for two huge plays down the field, one leading to a touchdown on a nicely placed ball in the end zone. Why not give Geno a full off-season and training camp to build even more chemistry with Decker and Harvin as a tandem?

If keeping Harvin comes down to money, this should not be an issue for the Jets, as the team has over $50 million in cap space this off-season. While Harvin is not on the same level as Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas, I think it would be very foolish for the Jets to let the dynamic playmaker leave. If they go this route, they will be forced to draft a wide receiver early in the draft. But if they keep Percy, that would allow them to focus on other positions of need.

It is pretty simple if you ask me, Mike Maccagnan, pay Percy Harvin.

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