2015 NFL Draft Profile: Garrett Grayson, QB, Colorado State


Tonight we are going to look at another player the Jets are sure to have interest in for the upcoming draft. The Jets are in need of competition at the quarterback position, we all know this. Geno Smith will have his chance, but the team is not convinced that he is the franchise quarterback. The Jets are almost certain to choose one in the draft. If they can’t get to Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston, they will have to look to the mid-late rounds for their guy.

In walks the guy we are going to spotlight, Garrett Grayson from Colorado State.

Take a look at Grayson’s stats in four years at Colorado State:


An impressive element above is the progression of Grayson over his time in college.  His stats get better and better, peaking in his senior year.  64% completion, 32 touchdowns versus seven interceptions, and a 166.2 passer rating marks a great year for Grayson.

Grayson stands at 6’2″, 220 pounds, an ideal size for an NFL quarterback.  Let’s take a look at some video on the prospective New York Jets quarterback:

Garrett Grayson clearly has a strong arm. He can make all of the throws. What is also impressive is the touch that he has on the deep ball. Look at that video. You can see that Grayson’s ball seems to have a way of lightly landing in the receiver’s hands. It’s not that the throw isn’t strong, it’s that he makes it easy to run under the football and make the catch. His footwork is good. He throws with a bit of a 3/4 throwing motion as opposed to straight over the top, but his feet are good and his throws for the most part are accurate. All good signs.

However, there are two points that make Grayson a project. One, he stares down the receiver he likes. You can tell watching that tape. When Grayson locks in on a guy, his head stops scanning long before he pulls the trigger. You can get away with that in college, but that has to go for Grayson to be a successful pro.

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The other one is a big one. Watch Grayson’s throwing motion very closely. Can you see how he takes the ball back, and his wrist turns just a bit as he brings the ball up to throw? He has a bit of a windup, and that slows his release. We all know the relentlessness of an NFL pass rush. Grayson will never get the ball off with a windup. He has to get rid of the ball faster.

NFL Draft Scout forecasts Garrett Grayson as a 3-4 round pick. I would be happy if the Jets were able to take him in the fourth. He may not start right away, but he has the tools to make it.

What do you think?

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