Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks Should Follow the New York Jets Blueprint


Don’t turn away after reading the title. If you give it some thought, it’s really true.

Super Bowl 49 is almost here. The defending champion Seattle Seahawks are set to take on Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots. Both teams entering the game playing well, Seattle is riding high on their improbable come from behind win over the Packers, and the Patriots come in following their romp over the Indianapolis Colts, whether or not the footballs were tampered with.

It should be a great game. Let’s face it, the majority of the people reading this post are New York Jets fans, my apologizes to those that aren’t. But, as Jets fans, we know what we want to happen on Sunday night. We know which of these two teams we want to win. The irony is that the Seahawks can get it done, and they can do it by following the Jets blueprint.

Yes, the Jets lost both games, but they gave the Patriots all they could handle. Look at the first game, back in week seven. How did the Jets keep that one close? They ran the football down the Patriots throats, out-rushing them 218 to 63. The Jets ran the ball more than they threw it, 43 rushes against 37 passes. They kept the ball for 40 minutes, a huge number by any standards. The Jets lost 27-25, because they simply didn’t have the talent to close the deal. But they paved the way for a great team to get it done, like the Seattle Seahawks.

Though the Jets lost by a point in week 16, they followed a similar format. They topped the Patriots in time of possession and rushing yards. They kept Tom Brady and the Patriots offense off of the field. The Jets fell because they couldn’t close the game. The Seahawks have the ability and the talent to close it out.

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The Seahawks cannot get in a shootout in this one. If they do they will lose. Look again at how the Patriots performed against the Jets. In week seven, the Patriots posted 27 points in just under 20 minutes. That’s nearly 1.5 points per minute! That, my friends, is near impossible to beat. A shootout with a team that can score so rapidly will not end well. The pace wasn’t as rapid in week 16, when the Patriots posted .6 points per minute against the Jets.

The point is, controlling the football is the way to get to this Patriots team. The Jets did it. The Seahawks can do it better.

The Seahawks can turn the Jets field goals into touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch can finish drives. Russell Wilson can move around the way Geno does, but actually throws the ball accurately and doesn’t turn it over deep in his opponent’s end. Long, time-consuming drives will be the key to the Seahawks winning this one. As long as those drives are finished with touchdown passes.

The Jets had the perfect blueprint. They just couldn’t finish it. The Seahawks can. Just follow the Jets plan.

Who thought we would be saying that?

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