Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets: Sunday NFL Weather report


It’s week 10. And it’s time for the New York Jets to host the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1 p.m before the bye week finally comes.

So if you are heading out to MetLife Stadium here is the weather you’ll be facing:

“A chance of sprinkles before 9am. Sunny, with a high near 54.”

Pretty much, the weather is a non issue — again!

If you believe the reports, after this game there could be some major changes to the organization, so it’s time Gang Green shows some heart and actually play for themselves and their coach.

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The Jets offense is catching a break with Steelers safety Troy Polamalu being ruled out for Sunday’s game so with that in mind, here are my keys to the game and I apologize in advance if you’ve heard these before from me. Well, it happens to be the same things every week.

1. Touchdowns not field goals: Look, we all know one of the stars of this offense has been Nick Folk but just like in other games with the likes of the top-tier quarterbacks, you can’t settle for field goals. Touchdowns have got to be the order of the day and all of the offensive weapons need to help out Michael Vick. As good as he’s been with his legs, you can’t continue to rely on that alone.

2. Get nasty offensive line: Where is the pride on the once formidable offensive line? Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson were considered tops at their positions, perennial pro-bowlers… where have those guys gone? Can we see a resurgence of the offensive line?! I’ll even take the version we saw against New England.

3. Defense needs to make a play: When you are facing Ben Roethlisberger you can’t just hit him. In case you haven’t noticed, the guy’s a big dude. You have to wrap him up and can’t let him escape. One of the things he’s been really good at is extending a play especially after you think you’ve brought him down. You know the issues the secondary have had all season long so if you’re that front seven; playing sound football and getting a turnover will help the secondary out.

Do this and the Jets have a shot to be in this game.