Rex Ryan Previews Sunday’s Game


Oct 16, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan during the first half of a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

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Here are some thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan in preparation for tomorrow’s game:

On if there he is curious to see how Michael Vick will play after reps with the first team…Yeah, I mean I hope it’s better, obviously. I am not going to be surprised if we do well. He is familiar with this system. He has been in it. I think as the week has gone on, I think he has looked better, so I think he has good command of what we are doing, and maybe the timing is a little better with the receivers (as the week has gone on).

On who will be the starters at cornerback…That’s a good question. With Walls being doubtful, we will see, but I think all of them will play at some point.

On if Marcus Williams and Josh Thomas will play…Yes.

On if Walls has any chance of playing…I am not sure if he will travel, but I will say he may, even if he can’t play, just to get the treatment and things. But, I’d say he is really doubtful.

On if Antonio Allen is still an option at cornerback…Yes, that will be an option too.

On how comfortable he feels with the cornerbacks…I feel good. We feel good about them. Guys are working hard. So we do, we feel confident in our guys and that’s why I think we might play all of them – give them a shot out there. But, I think the guys know the game plan pretty well, and I think we do, we feel pretty good about our guys.

On whether he would prefer to play Kyle Wilson in the slot opposed to on the outside…I’d prefer to keep him in the slot. We’ll see how the game progresses, but that’s always a possibility. He’s a smart guy.

On the offensive line protecting when Vick scrambling…I think you protect guys and things, but obviously when the guys breaks away from you have to push guys. You can’t just hold onto him, so I think that’s the main thing you talk about. And when you talk about being uncomfortable, I thought you were going to talk about this (cut on Ryan’s face that occurred while shaving). This is very uncomfortable. More so than the corner situation (joking).

It’s truly a shame that coach Ryan has to continue to move Antonio Allen around. To me, he was showing some potential at the safety spot, but for all of the time he has spent moving around, he has regressed. On Kyle Wilson, I think we would all like to see him play on a different roster. Not the slot, the outside, or anything else.

On Vick, we all hope it is better than last week.