A Fan’s Rebuttal To John Idzik


John Idzik came out of hiding recently. He gathered the local and national media for a press conference and proceeded to go on a long monologue before taking questions. A lot has been written about the content of that monologue. It has been written about in length, it has been criticized, analyzed, and quoted by every writer who covers the Jets. The most frequent comment I’ve read about this press conference, is that Mr. Idzik went on a lengthy rant and said nothing! I have to agree 100% after reading the entire transcript. It was a rant, and if Idzik can go on a rant, so can I!! Here’s my rebuttal!

I’ve seen enough of John Idzik’s actions and lack thereof regarding the running of this team. This guy came into New York and has gone about making this “his team”. He immediately changed the way business was done in Florham Park. He silenced his outspoken head coach in the media, and curtailed the access the media has to the players, and the locker room. He himself has little to say, and has even been criticized for avoiding the media purposely. To me it’s evident that things get done when Idzik feels like, it’ll get done his way, and it’ll get done when it suits him. Simply put; John Idzik believes he can fix this team on his own schedule, and by himself. Well I have news for you Mr. Idzik, you can’t!! You don’t have the eye for talent required and the fans won’t let you!!

Mr. Idzik was very apologetic in his “speech”, accepting the blame for a 1-7 team. He said his performance as the GM was “unacceptable” He’s absolutely right! The lack of talent on this team, and the lack of wins this season are absolutely his fault!! Now folks, if John had said these things with some emotion, I just might feel sorry for him. Contrary to tha,t Mr. Idzik delivered his rant with no fire, no urgency!! He summed it up by saying we need to get a lot better! Really John??? Thanks for telling us!

Sep 7, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik reacts during the game against the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium. The Jets defeated the Raiders 19-14. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

His apologies mean nothing. He accepts responsibility, but big deal, the fans already knew where the blame lied! Taking responsibility for your shortcomings are admirable, but it doesn’t fix a damn thing! Saying you’re sorry to the fans, doesn’t make watching this fiasco unfold from week to week any easier. John told us that this season has been just “brutal”! Tell us something we don’t know John! He told the media that the “fan base deserves better”. Damn right we do John! You say this is your team and it hurts to watch them lose.  Let me tell you John, you have no idea what this fan base has endured!! This isn’t “your team”, its OUR team! It’s the fans team!! Get a clue Mr.Idzik!! The fan base is demanding answers and through your lengthy long winded rant you provided none!!

Making apologies, taking responsibility, doesn’t fix things, it takes action!!  Somehow it seems around this new Jets organization, that if you apologize and take responsibility that’ll make it all good. Bad approach!! It doesn’t settle with the fans well! It shouldn’t settle well with ownership either!! If I walked into work tomorrow and set fire to the building, trust me, my boss won’t have any sympathy for me after I apologize and take responsibility!! The Jets organization is an inferno, it’s being burnt to the ground by Mr. Idzik’s incompetence, and all the apologies in the world won’t fix it! Ownership needs to do exactly what my long time boss would do! Fire the guy responsible!!!

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Ok, I know this was a rant, but it wasn’t any longer then Mr. Idzik’s! I know the content wasn’t much, but neither was Mr. Idzik’s! I know I offered little in solutions, but Mr. Idzik offered none. Mr. Idzik’s had no fire, no emotion, no urgency, hopefully mine did. Like most fans that I know, I’m frustrated and angry with John Idzik. I know there is an urgency to fix this mess! I don’t believe Mr. Idzik is the man to fix it! I’m tired of all the “lip service” coming from our organization! Jets fans deserve action!! Personally I found Mr. Idzik’s “press conference” insulting to Jets fans and a national embarrassment! He needs to go!!

End of rant. I apologize to my readers, but needed to get it out! Tell me what you think of the recent press conference. Let me know if you believe that John Idzik is the guy to fix this team. Let’s discuss this one! I think it’s too important not to! I look forward to hearing all the opinions on John Idzik!