Inside the New York Jets Film Room: “It’s So Easy”


Oct 19, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins (14) runs after a catch against the Minnesota Vikings during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets problems with the secondary have epitomized the Jets problems all season long. The pass defense has been terrible. The cupboard is essentially bare at cornerback, thanks to the Dee Milliner and Dexter McDougle injuries. Those players haven’t been replaced, and the Jets have been beaten all season long at the position. Julius Thomas of the Broncos made the now infamous comment a couple of weeks ago, “It’s so easy”. Sammy Watkins has made it as easy as anyone, and no play made it more obvious than the 84 yard play from the second quarter last Sunday.

Saalim Hakim may have caught him from behind, but it doesn’t mean that catching the pass beyond the Jets defense wasn’t very easy. Let’s take a look.

Sammy Watkins is at the bottom of the screen, as notated by the circle. Darrin Walls is locked up on Watkins, as indicated as well. The Jets are sending a five man rush at Kyle Orton, three of them coming from the left side of the defense, marked by the arrows. Orton knows he is going to have a one-on-one matchup on the outside with his main man, Sammy Watkins, and knows that this won’t bode well for the Jets.

First of all, look at the cushion that Walls gives Watkins. 10 yards. You would think that he wouldn’t get burned deep, but he does. Why? Watkins utilizes the famous “double move”, to make Darrin Walls look silly. Watkins is going to make his move to the outside, followed up by a move to the inside. Saalim Hakim, who is on the field as a safety for some reason, is going to try and catch up to help over the top.

Focus on the circle. You see how Darrin Walls is turned towards the sidelines? He so committed to the move Watkins made to the outside, that he has no way to catch up when Sammy turns back to the inside. Kyle Orton is getting ready to let it fly, while Watkins is about to fly past the Jets’ cornerback, as many receivers have done all season long. Hakim is running hard to get back there, but it will be too late to prevent Watkins from making the reception.

Again, focus on the circle. Can you see how Sammy Watkins has inside position on Darrin Walls? It means that Walls has no chance, which is something we have seen all too often with Jets cornerbacks. All Kyle Orton has to do is put the ball over Watkins’ inside shoulder (left), and Wilson will be chasing after Watkins or he will interfere. We know the result.

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Sammy Watkins makes the catch and is off to the races. If he hadn’t started his endzone dance, he would have posted a touchdown. But the catch couldn’t have looked any easier.

This is a microcosm of the Jets’ season. The cornerback play has been terrible, and no moves have been made to make it any better. Like Julius Thomas said, it was so easy. Sammy Watkins did it last week, and nearly every good receiver in the league has proven that statement to be right, when playing the New York Jets.