Reactions to the John Idzik Mid-Season Press Conference


Before sharing my thoughts on what John Idzik had to say, I wanted to catch the entire press conference on the team website, to not only get what he said, but how he said it. After listening to Idzik, here are my thoughts.

First of all, I do believe Idzik is upset with how the team has played. I do not agree with Francesa in the fact that he is not pleased with himself. Mike gave the idea in yesterday’s monologue about the presser that Idzik is not upset. He is wrong. Idzik is very unhappy with the 1-7 start, and I do believe that he wants to fix it. What I am not sure is whether or not Idzik necessarily knows HOW to fix it.

You would like to see more anger out of Idzik. In talking about how the team needs to get better, Idzik seemed very matter of fact in saying how they need to get better. It would be nice to hear John Idzik stare into the camera and say, “We are all troubled by the 1-7 start, but things will change. We will get better. Whatever it takes.” You want to hear a fire in the belly of John Idzik, and you just didn’t. That is what makes people wonder whether or not he is the guy for the job.

John Idzik’s plan is a smart one. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Building through the draft is absolutely, positively, the way to build a team that will win consistently. But, the plan needs to have adaptability. He has to be able to say there is a problem, and go ahead with an addition to the plan. He says they are doing “everything they can”. However, we should be hearing of cornerbacks being brought in every day, and we just aren’t. The cornerback position is a problem and it needs to be fixed. You don’t get a sense of urgency from John Idzik’s actions, or his words with the media yesterday.

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The coyness regarding Rex Ryan was something I found interesting. Idzik clearly showed staunch support for Rex Ryan and the coaching staff. The statements were obvious and absolute. However, when asked if he would commit to Rex Ryan being the coach for the remainder of 2014, and Idzik stopped short, giving his standard “no comment” style of answers. I do believe that Ryan will not be fired mid-season. I don’t think there is anyone that could lead them, even for the rest of the season, on the staff as an interim. Nothing is solved by firing Rex during the year.

I think that Idzik just didn’t want a commitment on record, just in case he changes his mind. He wanted to leave all options open for him on the record. I would be very surprised if Idzik decides to make a move on Rex before the year is over, I really would be.

All in all, it is too early to send John Idzik to the curb. He should be allowed more time, but he had better get things on the right track, and fast.

What did you guys think?