New York Jets: A Frustrated Fan’s View of 2014 to Date


Game # 3 is in the books, and it wasn’t a pretty one! I’ve been trying to find more positives to take away from the losses this season, but this game just left me in utter frustration!! It was one of those games that often make me wonder why I put myself through this every season! I’m a lifetime Jets fan ( 40 years), and I’ve watched far too many games just like this one! Games like this led to the moniker: “Long Suffering Jets Fan”!! I’m frustrated and let’s look at some of the reasons.

Officiating! It always seems that officials make terrible calls when the Jets play! Many of them seem to go against us, and after watching games like this, I half jokingly believe it’s a conspiracy against us!! Of course, it’s not a conspiracy, and even though there was some terrible officiating, better teams manage to win even regardless of the calls. It is frustrating, but the Jets lost this one on their own!

Red Zone! The Jets moved the ball well at times, as they were marching up and down the field. They managed six trips into the Red Zone, but the result was infuriating!! Field goals aren’t going to win games for this team!! The Jets offense needs to put the ball into the end zone!! Nothing frustrates me more than a Jets team failing to finish drives. We saw it last week, last year, and far too often over the years! This team is no different!! It’s frustrating as hell!!

Interceptions!! Jets fans have suffered for years now in this category!! Mark Sanchez infuriated us all with his knack for throwing to the other team! His poor decision and an ever-growing number of interceptions finally cost him his job!! Interceptions kill drives, give away field position, and ultimately cost you games! Geno Smith apparently has the same knack for throwing the rock to the other team; we saw it last year and in every game this season! I don’t know about you guys, but to me, it is beyond frustrating!!

Receivers!!  It’s just my opinion, but this game was far too reminiscent of 2013! With the loss of Eric Decker just before halftime, the Jets immediately looked like their old selves. The receiving corps was exposed for what it is, a sub par group! Much like last season Jeremy Kerley was the only viable receiver left on the field! Nelson struggles to get open, and fumbled twice when he was targeted! He was far too loose with the football! Salas had one nice catch and run, but otherwise was invisible! Jace Amaro and Jeff Cumberland had a few catches, but ultimately their production was far from desirable! The play on the field has been disappointing, the offense is far too reliant on Decker, and the other receivers seemingly can’t produce! Being that the Jets had multiple options to upgrade this group in the off-season, and came up empty is truly frustrating!!

Secondary!! This group is as frustrating as it gets!! If this game proved one thing, it’s that Antonio Allen is a safety, not a cornerback! If the play develops in front of him, he’s great as a corner, he made some awesome open field tackles! That being said, when he has to turn his back to the QB and cover down field, he turns into a liability! Darrin Walls showed why he has been a career backup; his play is inconsistent and he doesn’t find the ball in the air very well. While we’re at it, can someone teach these guys to catch the ball!! The Jets had their opportunities to record some interceptions against Cutler but failed to execute! The easy interception that Cutler threw to Allen, and which Allen dropped left me so frustrated I spilled my Pepsi while yelling at the TV!

Sep 14, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) evades the tackle of New York Jets outside linebacker Quinton Coples (98) during the second quarter of a game at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

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Pass Rush!!! This was supposed to be the strength of this defense, but we’ve seen little of it! The defensive front was supposed to be dominant, they were supposed to be capable of scaring opposing QB’s on their own! They haven’t done it, and that is very, very frustrating!! The Jets were playing a make-shift offensive line, the Bears were missing two starters along the line, but you’d never know it! Rex Ryan tried everything to produce pressure, and protect his secondary! Multiple blitzers, stunts, overload blitzes, safety blitzes, and an array of schemes to try to confuse and get after Jay Cutler! Seemingly nothing worked, as Cutler had plenty of answers!! The defense overall was another big frustrating disappointment!!

Run Game!!!! The Jets possess a great trio of running backs! They faced a Bears team that has struggled early this season against the run, and yet I couldn’t help but be frustrated with these guys before the end of the game! Chris Johnson had a great game against the Raiders in game #1, he looked fast, ran hard, and caught the ball well! Since then its been like he’s another player, the last two weeks he seems far less than the player we had hoped for in free agency! Chris Ivory is a force, he runs with anger, he takes on would be tacklers with violence, and has improved his contribution in the pass game! That being said, he can’t carry the entire load for this team and he didn’t get much support last night from the other guys last night! The frustrating part here is the Jets have a ton of talent at the position, but it isn’t winning football games!!

Coaching!! The Jets offensive coaching is getting a bit too cute. The use of Michael Vick is ridiculous, these trick plays don’t work! The “wildcat” and “direct snaps” fool no one!! Come on Marty!! Let’s make this the last time we see these gimmick plays for the season! The defensive coaching was brilliant! Rex Ryan threw every alignment imaginable at the Bears. He brought all sorts of “wrinkles” to his defense, going as far as setting Coples and Pace out wide to disrupt Marshall!! The only frustration here, is very little of it worked!! Marshall was limited in production, but he was also far from 100%! The Jets defense did produce a fumble, but its lack of turnovers is still a very frustrating aspect to this unit!

Odds and Ends Punting is still a problem, the Jets need more consistent play from Ryan Quigley! Punt returns, much like last season, this team has struggled with miscues and a lack of production. The same can be said for kick off returns! The Jets could sure use a returner that set up the offense in good field position! One other note, can we please stop celebrating first downs as if they were touch downs!! Nothing frustrates me more than to see a player celebrating after catching a first down pass, only to see the drive fall short in the red zone! Let’s save the celebrations for touchdowns!!

Ok, I feel better now! I needed to vent some FRUSTRATION!!! These are things that have been frustrating me while watching this year’s version of the NY Jets. Now I want to hear what you think? Are you as frustrated as me? Have any frustrations you’d like to share? Am I way off the mark? Let’s have a discussion! Let me hear it in the comment section!!