New York Jets Must Get Physical with Brandon Marshall


Sep 7, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver

Brandon Marshall

(15) catches a touchdown pass during the second half against the Buffalo Bills at Soldier Field. Buffalo won 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Marshall stands at 6’4″, and weighs in at 230 pounds. Last week, Marshall posted 3 touchdowns against the San Francisco 49ers. He is listed as questionable this week against the Jets, which would be a big break if he can’t play tonight. If he can go, Marshall will cause the Jets fits with his size and speed. The Jets are going to have to play physically with him if they want any chance to stop him.

Let’s take a look at a touchdown from last week’s game, and see how Marshall works the coverage when they aren’t physical with him. He is physical in his own right, as we will see here, let’s look.

Brandon Marshall is lined up in the slot to the left. Defending him is Jimmie Ward. Do you see the cushion that Ward is giving to Marshall? Clearly Ward is worried about Marshall beating him over the top. However, when you are deep in your own end, you cannot play defense that way. You must get physical and alter the route of the wide receiver. Ward doesn’t do that and Brandon Marshall makes him pay.

Take a look at the defensive back, Jimmie Ward. See how he is running backward? He is preventing Marshall from getting behind him. He never got a hand on Marshall, and now Marshall is free to do what he wants to him. He is extending his hand towards Ward, and his move isn’t exactly legal, but it works.

Marshall gives Ward a shove, which actually is against the rules. The receiver cannot shove the defender out of the way either. But if you don’t get caught, it works. Marshall gives Ward the push to turn him the wrong direction, and let’s see how it unfolds.

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Marshall has inside position on Jimmie Ward, and when Cutler makes the throw to the inside, Ward has no chance to stop him.

The throw is high, yet Marshall makes a great one-handed catch. Ward is blocked out by the size of Marshall, in no position to contest the throw one bit, and it’s touchdown Chicago Bears.

The Jets will need to be aggressive with Marshall. Yes, they have to prevent the deep ball, but if they don’t get their hands on him all afternoon, it will be a long day.