New York Jets’ Fans: Time to Put the Packers Game Behind Us


Jul 27, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; General view of a New York Jets helmet during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been reading articles on the Jets all week, and it seems nobody is ready to put the Packers game behind us! Look folks, it was a heart breaking loss, there were mistakes made by the coaching staff, the players committed a few blunders on the field as well, but it’s vital that we leave this one behind! The fan base needs to come together and the Jets organization needs to find ways to fix the problems. Rehashing the mistakes won’t do any of us any good!

The fan base’s reactions have been all over the place! I personally can understand the frustrations that Jets fans are expressing, but as fans we need to put this one into perspective, it’s one game in a sixteen game season. We lost a game on the road, in Green Bay, when most predictions had us getting blown out! It’s not the end of the world as we know it, and the game we lost was not the Super Bowl! Let’s rally behind the team and look forward to a prime time game on Monday night!  It’s not to say we can’t continue to analyze the team and discuss its strengths and weaknesses, but dissecting this game any further does little. Chalk one up for the loss column and move on!

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Moving on from the Packers’ game, the Jets need to clean things up and focus on the next game at hand. They thankfully have an extra day to prepare for the Bears, and they had better use that time to get ready for another good team! The Bears bring with them another potent offense, and Rex and Marty will need to be busy to come up with a game plan that can bring us a win!

Rex obviously needs to come up with ways to hide his less than spectacular secondary.  Expect something different from Rex this week, the secondary weakness is very real. If Dee Millner is not close to 100%, then he needs to sit until he’s ready. The Jets pushed him last week and it was apparent he wasn’t ready. Walls and Allen need to be schooled hard this week to understand the receivers they are about to cover. A lot rides on these guys shoulders, they have played fairly well filling in, but they need to get it together if we are going to win this one! Calvin Pryor needs to step it up as well, he needs to fix some of the troubles he’s had in coverage. Pryor has a bunch of talent, but we need to see him develop further in the coming weeks.

Marty Mornhinweg also has a task ahead of him. First, he needs to get better play out of Brian Winters! Winters is still developing, but if he continues to struggle, he’s likely to get Smith injured in short order. Next he needs to find ways to open  up the run game, as it went quiet after an impressive game to open the season! He needs to get the TE’s more involved in this offense as well. Jeff Cumberland has seen his opportunities to contribute, but Jace Amaro and Zach Sudfeld have been relatively quiet. If Eric Decker can’t play come Monday, the tight ends will need to pick it up in the passing game. Finally I think Marty needs to become more flexible in the game plan and make adjustments as the game goes on, what works in the first half, doesn’t always work after the break.

If the Jets are to become a serious contender then the ship needs to be righted quickly as the schedule ahead is a tough one. Coaches need to do their job! Game plan, Adjust, and Communicate effectively! Players need to focus, play within their emotions, and execute! The Bears are the next challenge ahead, forget the Packer’s game! If the Jets can put this one behind them, and clean things up, they can win this one! If not……I’m sure they’ll be a lot to be said by the media and fan base alike! It may not be a MUST win game, but it’s as close as you can get this early in the season!

So folks, time to sound off! I want to hear your thoughts! Let’s discuss your expectations for Monday Night! If the Jets clean up the problems, can they beat the Bears? Let’s discuss this one!