Rex Ryan on How the Loss in Green Bay Could Positively Affect the Jets’ Season


Sep 14, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy (left) embraces New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan (right) after a game at Lambeau Field. Green Bay won 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan had a day to reflect on what might have been for the Jets in Green Bay this past week. Rex knows that the Jets had this one in their grasps, but let it slip away. Rex also knows, however, that a loss like this can rally a team, and turn the season around. He talked about that yesterday when he met with the media:

As a team, you go and you learn from this and I think I’ve seen some teams that when you have a game like this it can turn your season on a positive note. That is certainly the way I hope we respond to this game. The thing that you have to do as a coach and as a team, you put yourself, and you prepare, you come out and we were all in. I don’t care where we play, we started out and it went exactly how we wanted it to go early. Then obviously, there is times and adjustments made, whatever it is and you have to play with it and respond. The one way we have to respond is we have to do a better job, like we talked about before, we have to do a better job of playing to our technique and trusting it, trusting in what we are saying as coaches. Again, it starts with us. We have to figure out why it is not getting done to the way we expected it to, especially when your players are committed the way ours are. If you’re worth a darn as a coach, you look at yourself first and that is certainly what we’re doing.

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What was Rex Ryan’s message to the team after the game?

Well, I think the big thing is trusting each other, and trusting what we are asking you to do. Lean back on your techniques when it’s loud like that. You go back to doing what you’re taught to do. And I think that’s the big thing. And again, not that it’s a blaming thing, a coach to a player, that’s not the case at all, but it’s just something we have to constantly drill into each other. A guy can play for five years, lean back on them, your fundamentals and your technique, and that’ll get you through almost anything.

With Dee Milliner having a rough go in his first game back, Antonio Allen was counted on quite a bit at cornerback once again. Here is Rex on Allen’s performance:

I thought he played well for the majority of it. Sometimes on those (smoke routes) they’re harder to defend because you’re playing off and so, it’s easy to get a completion there. Your numbers probably go up, but the thing that he normally does a great job of is tackling, and he missed some tackles that are uncharacteristic of him. In fact I think he missed three tackles. But, I liked the way he challenged. Almost had a pick in the end zone, and then even on the penalty, he does a good job. He’s in great position. He plays it through the hands. If he’s able to look at the football, he’s got the ball skills where I think he can go up and get it. I understand why they threw the flag, but he is playing through the hands of the guy. Again, I thought he played well. I think he played a little off on one play in particular that I can remember that I would’ve liked to see him challenge a little more on. For the most part, I thought he did a pretty decent job.

Next week is going to be a key game for the Jets. Last week, they clearly showed they can stay with a top team in this league. Can they translate it into confidence and beat the Bears at home, or will they be let down by blowing the game against the Packers and lose again? Rex has to have them ready to prevent the latter. We will find out soon enough.