New York Jets Fans: Not Time To Panic


Game #2 is in the books, and the Jets lost a tough battle up in Green Bay! Jet fans have been reacting to the loss, and many are reaching for the “panic button”!  It’s my belief that it’s too early to panic quite yet folks, the road ahead has us in some tough games, but remember the Jets are 1-1 and its early! I have some opinions on this game, and this team, so let’s talk about them.

Geno Smith is beginning to emerge as a reliable, quality NFL quarter back. It’s been a long time since Jet fans have watched such a maturation of a young quarterback. Mark Sanchez never really showed the process, he started out winning, taking the team to two back to back AFC championship games, but the maturation of his game never developed. We are seeing it with Geno Smith however! The pocket presence has improved, his reads are becoming more decisive, his accuracy has elevated, and he has a better knowledge and grasp of the offense.

Geno is developing and its a great sign for the future of this team! Unfortunately it takes time for the process to fully come to fruition, Jet fans need to exercise some patience, he will have his ups and downs, but the process is clearly underway. We saw some of that in the second half, where he struggled at times finding the open man and his accuracy was a bit of a problem. Geno played a good game up in Green Bay, he’ll learn from it, and incorporate the experience to improve his game. Forget the interception, contrary to what many are saying, it’s not a return to his rookie season!

Discipline!! In my opinion, this games biggest problem is the Jets haven’t learned to play with discipline! We saw it before and it returns once again! While the offense played much more focused this Sunday, the defense lost it! The offense avoided the penalty killers this week, they moved the ball well for the most part, and didn’t shoot themselves in the foot! Defensively however, the Jets need to clean it up! Muhammad Wilkerson‘s out burst of fury in the end zone after a two point conversion was ridiculous! It was a prime example of “undisciplined” play!

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Wilkerson is supposed to be a leader on this unit, its understandable to stick up for your teammates, but as a leader, he needs to play smarter! By loosing his cool and throwing punches he could have cost his team a game. After being ejected, he wasn’t around to make the play that might have turned the tide! The TV cameras caught him smiling and laughing after the ejection, and obviously there was nothing to smile and laugh about!!  Smarten up Muhammad!!  Sheldon Richardson needs a lesson in this category as well! His part in the melee came close to having him ejected as well! It’s great that these guys play with emotion, but disciplined players learn to curtail that emotion and play smart! Sheldon also needs to learn his place on the sideline!

While the announcers claimed Marty Mornhinweg called the time out that negated a long Jeremy Kerley touchdown, it was actually Richardson that got the ref’s attention. Leave the coaching to the coaches Sheldon! Undisciplined play on the field and along the sidelines  must be cleaned up! Blame who you may, but in my opinion, this falls on the head coach, its his responsibility to keep his players under wraps and the sideline organized. Sorry Rex but these improprieties are your responsibilities!

Overall, this was a great game for the Jets. They went on the road as underdogs and proved they can play under those tough circumstances! They dealt with the crowd noise in Green Bay, and proved they shouldn’t be counted out in any game. The Jets took a step towards being a respected team in the NFL once again! They need to get things cleaned up, play within their emotions, and learn from the mistakes. After watching this week, the Monday night match against the Bears this week, appears to be a far less  intimidating mountain to climb!

So what do you think? What did you think of this week’s performance? Let’s discuss this one! I want to hear your take! Let me hear about it!