Marty Mornhinweg Is An Offensive Genius


Well folks, the first game is in the books and the Jets chalked up one for the win column. It wasn’t the prettiest of victories and there are tougher games ahead, but it was a great way to start for Geno Smith and company. The defense played well and the offense performed at a high level as well. The real story of this game for me was Marty Mornhinweg and his offensive game plan.

This was not ground and pound football by any means. Marty came out mixing it up offensively! He planned the game to Geno Smith’s strengths and used virtually everyone on the offensive side of the ball. Smith connected with seven different receivers and spread the ball around, his play action helped get the running game steam rolling. The Jets kept the Raiders defense off-balance at every turn!

Mornhinweg should get the game ball for this one. He opened up the playbook and we finally got to see what the offense can look like with this guy calling the plays! He ran running back screens, wide receiver screens, and some crossing routes that were quite remarkable. His “West Coast” offense was running on all cylinders! Gone was last year’s conservative play calling, Marty threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Raiders, and you’ll probably see the sink thrown in there shortly too! The players executed the plan very well, and offensively, they were well coached and ready for this game. Hats off to Mornhinweg and his staff.

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On another note. The Wildcat needs to buried in the playbook, hopefully never to be seen again! Vick and Smith have no business on the field at the same time. First off it fools no one any longer, defenses have been coached up to defend it and its time is done in the NFL. Second, why risk injuring Vick or Smith for a gimmick play? Both times the Jets ran it, Vick or Smith lined up on the outside as a receiver.  While neither were likely to be targets of a pass, I don’t like taking the chance of either one of them having someone blocked into their legs. Burn the page on the Wildcat, it produces little and exposes your QB’s to injury.

One more thing. I’ve read a lot of criticism of the play calling in the red zone around Jet Nation today. Yeah OK, it might have been a bit out of the usual, but as I saw it, Marty Mornhinweg was sending a message to the rest of the league. Look, his offense was marching up and down the field. The offensive line cost him some points with those penalties, but the Jets were slicing through the Raider’s defense. He ran some gimmicks in the red zone, so what! He put the rest of our schedule on notice that they can expect anything, at anytime! Game planning just got a bit more difficult for some defensive coordinators.

The Jets still need to clean things up along the offensive line, the penalties were killer and they allowed the Raiders to stay in the game, well points wise anyway. Mornhinweg will get them cleaned up sooner than later I bet. Mornhinweg got the most out of his players Sunday, he opened up a wide array of plays and for the most part the players executed! I can’t wait to see what Mornhinweg dreams up for next week!