New York Jets vs. Oakland Raiders: Post Game Quotes


Sep 7, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of a game against the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium. The Jets defeated the Raiders 19-14. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some quotes from the coaches and players, following the Jets’ 19-14 win over the Oakland Raiders. First, here is coach Ryan on the Jets’ excellent tackling:

This just in: 39 (Antonio Allen) is a decent tackler. We can tackle. We’ve done it all preseason. We pride ourselves on being a good tackling team. You don’t play run defense the way we do if you’re not able to tackle. That’s a strength of ours and it needs to be. You thought we’d be doing cartwheels with our offense gaining 403 yards and theirs 158, like that would be a great game. But, to our standards, we know we can play better. We know we have to play better

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Here is Decker on playing his first game as a member of the Jets, and whether or not he felt nerves:

(I have) to say I did. Yeah, I did, I was nervous. If you don’t get nervous before a game, you probably shouldn’t be in the locker room because that’s just human nature. I think what added to it was (a) new team, (a) new experience, it was good though. That first drive got them (nerves) out of me. I’ve got to tell you, I love playing with these guys. This is a fun group and I look forward to doing big things with these guys.

Here is Geno Smith talking about the interception:

He got me in a great play, diving play. I felt like I had enough room to get that ball in there, and maybe (I) threw it a second too late, rather than (if) I (had) thrown it a second earlier it could have been a completion. So, those are some of the things you just have to get better from. As a quarterback, as a second year quarterback I am still growing, I’m still learning, I’m still gaining experience, so in those situations you need to move forward, I’ll know I need to get the ball out sooner to not give that guy the opportunity, or just not throw it in the first place.

Antonio Allen talked about the secondary entering the game with a chip on its shoulder:

Of course. We’re going to come in every single game just like that, with that same attitude. Trying to keep them under however many yards they had today. I think they (just) broke 100 or something, but keep that up, keep our eyes in the right place, (our) feet and just play the ball.