Dimitri Patterson Must be Cut by The New York Jets


Oct 20, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills running back

C.J. Spiller

(28) runs the ball past Miami Dolphins cornerback

Dimitri Patterson

(24) in the first quarter of a game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, we all have read of the bizarre disappearance of Dimitri Patterson, he went AWOL just ahead of the Giants game last Friday night and didn’t make it back until late Sunday. Upon return the Jets took steps to discipline him by suspending him “indefinitely.”  It turns out the tough “discipline” imposed by Rex Ryan and John Idzik wasn’t so tough after all. The suspension will only last until the end of the preseason, which means he will be back with the Jets on September first. In my opinion this is absolutely ridiculous! Dimitri Patterson needs to be cut, and I’ll tell you why.

In my 40+ years of watching football I can’t recall anyone just walking away from a team just prior to a game. Yeah, there have been “excused absences” and some “mysterious injuries” along the way, but never a player that just ditched his responsibilities, because he was “unhappy”. If he can do it once, he can do it again, and the next time might be for a REAL game!

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Patterson is a veteran, he’s been around the league for nine years; this isn’t a young player making a youthful mistake. Patterson is a grown man who should understand his obligations to the team. He’s been with six different teams including the Jets, so would likely know contractual obligations more than most. With all this experience, he chose to walk out of the facilities and disregard his responsibilities.  This is not acceptable.

By returning him to the locker room so quickly, I believe the Jets are sending the wrong message to their entire roster. It shows the younger guys that they don’t need to fear being disciplined by the organization.  It says the Jets organization is willing to overlook major infractions. The Jets needed to set a hard-line as an example for the rest of the team. If they don’t then they leave themselves open to any other player simply walking away from activities because they are “unhappy”!

What exactly is Patterson unhappy about? His playing time? First off, last time I checked, playing time is handed out by the Head Coach, based on performance and health. Patterson has been far from healthy through camp, and when he was, he looked terrible!  Patterson’s explanation for his disappearance, at least publicly makes no sense at all! He was being paid and there is no excuse for such behavior!

Patterson’s public statement have been all over the place, and far from apologetic from what I’ve been able to track down. At one point he even claimed he wasn’t AWOL, when everyone else in the organization  says he was. Maybe someone should explain to Dimitri what AWOL actually is, because he doesn’t seem to understand. While they are at it, they may want to teach him how to answer his cell phone, as he didn’t return numerous phone calls from the team!

Dimitri Patterson needs to be cut and cut now! He left his team and his fellow teammates in a lurch! He’s yet to apologize to Jet fans for his actions. His teammates, have been split on their reactions to the situation and the last thing the Jets need in 2014, is another split locker room! Cut Patterson and move on! This Jet fan would hate to see this happen again!

That’s how I see the Dimitri Patterson fiasco. What do you think? Have Idzik/Ryan made the correct call here? Should Dimitri be cut? I want to hear what’s on your mind! Tell me what you’d like to see happen.