New York Jets to Offer Special Rewards for Good Behavior


Feb 1, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Jets owner Woody Johnson speaks at the Super Bowl XLVIII handoff ceremony to the Arizona host committee at Super Bowl Boulevard on Broadway. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I honestly am sad that it has come to this.

Yesterday, according to CBS/AP, the Jets are going to be offering season ticket holders special rewards for attending all of the games, and behaving correctly while attending those said games.

Essentially, there will be a rewards system given for attending all of the games.  After attending the seven of the first ten games, the reward points go up through the home season finale.  Some of the potential rewards include a trip to a road game on the team plane, and being flown to watch the Super Bowl. Smaller rewards such as autograph sessions will be available online through a marketplace, and the larger prizes such as trips to the Super Bowl will require participation in an online auction.

Extra points will not be given out for attending the preseason games, even though season ticket holders typically get rid of those seats, as they become annoyed with the required expense.

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Veteran season ticket holders that come back to the AFL and Shea Stadium, will get special loyalty points, and be recognized at a ceremony some time during the season.

Unfortunately, this is a needed idea. It is a sad state of affairs for our society and our fanbase, but the fact is that doing something as extreme as this is essential to keeping the crowd behaving the way they should be. It’s a select few of us that ruin it for the rest, but unfortunately, that select few is a constant.

How about behaving, simply for the reward of behaving? How about so you don’t get recognized as an idiot? Not good enough for some Jets’ fans. Jets’ fans, apparently, need a treat in order to be enticed to behave the correct way in public. Is that not sad? Can’t Jets’ fans represent themselves better than that?

There have been so many stories about Jets’ fans doing the wrong thing, having fights, the issue at the gate years ago, and many others, that the team has to treat people like dogs to make them behave. Think about it, the team is actually holding a “treat” out there for the fan base, to give them if they do what they are told.

Will it work? Probably, but it is very sad.