New York Jets! The J-E-T Press Commenters of the Week (Week of April 9)


Jul 28, 2012; Renton, WA, USA; NFL: Seattle Seahawks tight end Kellen Winslow (82) jogs between drills at a training camp practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a fun couple of weeks so far, giving you guys a shot to appear on our web page. So, let’s get right to it:

In response to “Kellen Winslow Would be a Great Move For the New York Jets

Seems to me he’s been milking that knee injury to keep from working too hard in practice. He’s been on the injury report every week, but always shows up on game day. We’ll see if his attitude has improved after a year sabbatical. He has a one year old baby too. That tends to change people. I guess we’ll see what kind of $ we’re talking about too. For a one year show me contract then sign me up.

In response to “Potential Starters on Offense and Defense for the New York Jets“.

Like you said, its very early in the year. I believe Sanchez will be your starter though (little reason to throw Geno to the wolves quite yet). Ivory might be a 1,000 yd back, but so was Greene, 1000 yds isn’t what it used to be! If your projected starters at WR hold true, we’re in trouble!! If Pace makes it to camp, I’ll be surprised!! He’s toast!!

In response to “Former Jets’ QB Tim Tebow Making a Mistake Signing with New England

−Belichick is just looking to divert attention from his declining team–Brady a yr older—-Gronk hurt yet again–Wes Welker gone to the mountains —Belichick cant seem to get a decent defense on the field without Parcells picking the players for him–Belichick sees himself as this great football innovator the truth is he’s not–Tom Landry was—Landry brought back the shotgun QB, flee flicker pass-1st to implement a situational 3rd down RB Preston Pearson and creator of the flex defense–Bill Walsh created the West coast offense High % passing letting the WR turning short passes into tds–Bill Belichick brought back the drop kick with Doug Flutie -he’s a legend in his own mind.

In response to, “Former Jets’ QB Tim Tebow Making a Mistake Signing with New England”

Wait.. so the man who left his all-pro TE in on an extra point to block when he was up by 30 (came around to bite him in the A** when his offense was non-existent against Baltimore), the man who luckily found one of the best QBs of all time in the 5th round of a draft, and the man that has been convicted of cheating to win football games is not a genius for signing Tebow like every member of the main stream media told us?

All of my main stream media anger aside that was caused by various “experts”, I have to say I that I do not understand the move. Tebow has made it clear that he wants to be a starting QB in this league, and New England might be about the hardest place for that with Brady and then Mallet in case Brady goes down (just my opinion of the depth chart). Now that leaves a FB or TE position that maybe he can play a little bit. However, they are set with 2 very good TEs and the FB has never really been a part of the NE offense. So I really don’t get where Tebow fits in because I can’t imagine Brady would be too thrilled if NE created a “Tebow Package.” Honestly, New England doesn’t need Tebow on their offense anywhere so the move will bring them more media attention than they need (5 of the 10 articles shown on the other day were Tebow articles after the signing).

I think this hurts them more than helps them, and I can only hope that I am true. Do I think Belichick will insert Tebow when Brady drives HIS team to the 2 just to rub it in the Jets face when Tebow runs it in? Absolutely.