Former Jets’ QB Tim Tebow Making a Mistake Signing with New England


Dec. 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) walks off the field after a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a couple of days since Tim Tebow came back to the news. Specifically, the news being that he has found a new team, the New England Patriots. You know my feelings on this guy as a player. Heck, I am sure that some of you saw my Twitter response yesterday to the signing, “hahahaha”.

That is not why I write this afternoon. The man isn’t a New York Jets roster member anymore, and the player, and team are moving forward. As a football fan, I wanted to look at what this guy is doing, because he is a good guy. He deserves to have a successful career.

Here’s the thing. Going to New England show he has either terrible people in his ear advising him, or he is out of his ever-loving mind!

First of all, we know that Tim Tebow wants to be a quarterback. Today I am not evaluating that decision, but I am evaluating how he is going to make that happen. So, he gains no interest, until New England comes along. He wants to play quarterback, right? In the last 2 months, he didn’t decide to be a straight backup. Does anyone else think Brady is not giving up any snaps to Tim Tebow until hell freezes over? Nope.

So how is Tim helping his career by making this type of decision?

The other thought I have heard is that New England is bringing Tim into camp as a “camp arm”. The rumor says that Tebow won’t actually see the field as a member of the team. From New England’s perspective, this scenario actually makes more sense to me, as Tim is not ready to see the field often. But that is not the point. If Tim is going to a place where he isn’t guaranteed a roster spot? Again, how is he helping his career?

If Tim really wanted to start fixing his career, but remain a quarterback, go somewhere he will actually HAVE A CHANCE TO PLAY. Tebow is not going to get any better is this scenario. He is too set in his ways. He should go somewhere like the CFL, where if he wants to play now, he can play now. He can learn his craft as a quarterback, become a better one, and make a triumphant return to the National Football League.

This way is just completely wrong, unless he knows something about this that we don’t.