Five Reasons the New York Jets Can Return to the Playoffs in 2013: #4


Jan 23, 2013; Mobile AL, USA; New York Jets coach Rex Ryan scouting the Senior Bowl north squad practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of talk about how the New York Jets have to rebuild.  The talk is understandable, two seasons of 8-8 and 6-10 would lead one to believe that the team is on a downward spiral and needs to start over.  Granted, there are a lot of questions that the Jets need to answer, as we have talked about many times before.

But, all is not lost.  The teams in this league are so close together, and the margin between winning and losing is minuscule.  With a few moves, and a few things breaking correctly, the Jets can find their way into the playoffs in 2013.  Yesterday, we began our countdown of five reasons the Jets can return to the playoffs in 2013 with the offensive line.  Today, we bring you number 4.


You might find that one an interesting choice, and that’s understandable.  Heck, Rex has been here the whole time, through the 8-8 season where he admittedly lost the pulse of his locker room, and the 6-10 season where the offense fell to pieces.  There was talk about him not surviving the end of the 2012 season.

Rex might only have one year left, now with a new general manager in the fold.  How can I say that Rex Ryan is one of the five reasons why the Jets can get back to the playoffs in 2013?  I’ll tell you.

He gets as much out of these players as anyone can get, and the prime example is with the defense.  Just look at the two seasons that went down hill.  In 2011, despite the fact that they lost the last three games of the year to finish 8-8,  the defense finished 5th overall in the league.

In 2012, the defense got better and better despite the downward spiral of the season.  They finished the year 8th overall in total defense.  8th.  That isn’t the typical rank of a defense that was part of a team that finished 6-10.  And they did it, despite the loss of their top player in Darrelle, and the slowest linebackers known to mankind.

Look at the 2012 team overall as well.  Yes, the offense was terrible, but look at the personnel Rex had to work with.  After Santonio went down, Rex had to take the offense into battle with future Hall of Famers such as Clyde Gates, Jason Hill, and Konrad Reuland.  There were guys that performed well, such as Jeremy Kerley, and even Reuland at different points.  But, looking at this group as a whole, and adding Shonn Greene to the backfield, it’s a real wonder how this team didn’t finish 3-13.

The reason for that?  Rex Ryan gets more out of these players than he ever gets credit for.  The mainstream media is too busy following him on vacations and taking pictures of his tattoos to give him the credit that he really deserves.

Finally, and this is a significant reason even though it might not sound like it, Rex Ryan wants to be here.  That’s important.  Think about the coaches we have had, even successful ones.  Herman Edwards “sounded” committed, but he was off to Kansas City before anyone could blink their eyes.  His escape resembled Pat Riley’s from the Knicks.  Bill Parcells was great, but his days were always numbered as our head coach.  We all know what happened to one man who wears a hoodie a little North of us.  Rex Ryan wants to be our coach, and that is all he wants.

What does that mean to us?  A guy that has no aspirations to leave is going to be more dedicated than anyone else to make things right.  Rex Ryan is the right man for this job.

And he is the guy that is a major reason the Jets can get back to the playoffs in 2013.