Debbie’s Dynamic 2011 Top 5 Jets Moments: Number 1


In all honesty, when my brother asked me to put together my top 5 moments of the 2011 season, the number one moment was probably the easiest to pick.

Now in case you missed it, here’s a look back at Moment 2, Moment 3Moment 4 and Moment 5

Now to set this up; the Jets came into the game limping into MetLife Stadium for a Monday night showdown with the rival Miami Dolphins after going 0-3 on the first road trip of the season.

I have a feeling you all know where I’m going with this so, here we are, “drum roll please”, my number one moment of the 2011 New York Jets season:

“Pass Interference???”

11 years and six days ago, The Jets and Dolphins played in the Monday Night Miracle game. We all know how that transpired. Was the week six match up going to go on par with that?

Well, not so much.

One of the things that highlighted the game prior to a snap was the mouth of Brandon Marshall and his words on twitter about how he was going to get kicked out of the game.

As the game took place, both teams were in a bit of a malaise. In the first quarter alone, both teams traded punts.

It wasn’t until the Dolphins second offensive possession when they went down the field and had 2:46 drive to a Dan Carpenter field goal to give the Fish a 3-0 lead.

Things then get a little bit… um, fishy.

Carpenter kicks off and Garrett McIntyre proceeds to muff the kick and the Dolphins recover it on the Jets 18-yard line.

That’s when Gang Green’s defense stiffens and earn their money.

Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas got three yards on two carries thanks in part to stops by Jim Leonhard and David Harris.

Then quarterback Matt Moore tries to find Brandon Marshall and Jets all-world corner back Darelle Revis runs it back for 100-yards tying the Jets record.

He tied the record set by Aaron Glenn back in 1996. Guess who it was against????

The Fish, and Glenn ran back a 100-yard pick six on Dan Marino.

The only thing that bugged me was Jon Gruden on the ESPN broadcast. I understand that you are payed to analyze the game so you watched the play and thought there should’ve been pass interference called. But to beat a dead horse and talk about it as pass interference and not really give the play the credit it deserve was really annoying.

Anyway, do I really need to explain why this was by number 1 dynamic moment?

Simply, it was Revis. It was a pick six, and it swung the momentum of the game back in the Jets favor. It was a shift that the Jets desperately needed after a really bad road trip.

Now that was my top five countdown. I’m looking forward to seeing what the 2012 season has in store for great moments.