Debbie’s Dynamic 2011 Top 5 Jets Moments: Number 4


Guess who’s back…. Back again… Debbie’s back, back again.

And now, I’m coming up with my number 4 moment of the 2011 season. In case you missed my number 5 moment, just click that little link right here:

And with the number four moment, you might disagree with the person involved, but at the time of the season when the play happened, it was a really good thing. It was part of game that rarely ever happens to the Jets

So, with that drum roll please….. here’s my number 4 moment of the 2011 New York Jets season:


I know that lately, when you look to the left and you see the number 10, you don’t exactly get the warm and fuzzies and Holmes’s first interview with the media of 2012 made you probably made you want to pull it out and stomp on it but please continue reading and  you’ll find out why I chose the catch.

September 18, 2011: The Jets come into the second game of the season, although 1-0, with a lot of questions to answer, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They offense was hearing the whispers of that they have issues scoring on the first drive of the game, and scoring in the first quarter in general.

As we all know, that head coach Rex Ryan will 99 times out of 100 like to defer on the coin toss if the Jets win so that they can start the second half of the game with the ball and that he can get his precious defense on the field first.

However, in the second game of the season, when the Jets won the coin toss, the elected to receive the ball first. Which I think we could all admit was a bit of a surprise but, in my opinion was a brilliant move. That because the Jets offense needed to step up so that they don’t always but their defense in a bind having to play from behind.

So, the Jets took the opening drive the game and they showed some positive things — mainly through the air. Remember, as the Jets started the season, Gang Green was trying to fundamentally change their identity, going from “Ground and Pound” to a total air strike attack, which till this very day, I still think was a dumb mistake but I digress.

On the first drive of the game, the Jets got a grand total of five yards on the ground with Shonn Greene but they were able to establish the air attack early. Quarterback Mark Sanchez was able to get the ball to running back Ladainian Tomlinson, and tight end Dustin Keller. However, on that drive, the more impressive throw to me was the throw made to Santonio Holmes for 17-yards in the end zone by Sanchez.

So, why did I choose this moment you are probably wondering? Well, the reason is because not only did this help jump start the offense, which went on to win this game in a laugher 32-3. That doesn’t happen to often to Gang Green. Getting the lead allowed the defense to play pretty fast and loose, which allowed rookie Muhammad Wilkerson to get the first safety of his career. What it did show early on was that Sanchez and Holmes could be on the same page. At the time, outside of Keller, Holmes was the only wideout for the Jets that was around last year. Sanchez needed to establish early on that he was getting the ball to his number one wide receiver and he did just that; in a crap load of traffic might I add. That was a hell of a ball Sanchez threw.

So, the catch that tamed the Jags is my number four moment from the 2011 season. Stay tuned to next week for my number three moment.