In Person Jets' Training Camp Review- July 26th and 27th

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Eric Decker

On Saturday morning at 4 AM, my alarm went of signaling to me that it was time to wake up and take the 4 hour drive to Cortland. Instead of rolling over and falling back to sleep like I normally would, I could not wait to get on the road and be at practice.

After arriving at camp an hour before practice started at 10, I got myself a spot right up against the fence and awaited the start of practice. This was my routine for both Saturday and Sunday, so here are some observations I made from just these two days of camp.

Jace Amaro is tremendous
- The first thing that I ultimately noticed was the size of Jets second round pick, tight end Jace Amaro. Amaro is bigger than some linebackers on the team, which is unbelievable for a tight end. On the field though, Amaro struggled a little bit. He had a drop in 11 vs 11’s on a high pass from Geno Smith, and then had to sit out the rest of practice on Sunday due to an issue with his knee, which luckily seems minor. While Amaro has struggled a bit so far in his first camp, there is no denying his hard work. Once practice ends and everyone clears the field, Amaro goes over to the JUGGS machine and catches 150 passes, each and every day. If Amaro can put it all together, defenses will have their hands full with the Jets rookie tight end.

What QB competition? – After watching practice the last two days, and although the Jets won’t admit it, there really is not a QB competition going on. On both days of practice, I would have to say that Geno Smith was working with the first team 95% of the time, while Vick maybe got a rep or two with the first string on each day. In drills, Smith would be throwing to Eric Decker and David Nelson, the projected starters at WR, while Vick would be throwing to Clyde Gates and Jacoby Ford, amongst others. Vick has made comments recently saying that he is in NY to help Smith and make him the best QB he can be, and that he knows it ultimately is not his job, although he still believes he can play. One thing that is evident right off the bat is Geno Smith put on some muscle this offseason, as he looked a bit bigger than he did last year. Smith looked pretty solid on both days, with no ” wow” moments, but no moments that made the fans go ” ugh”.

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