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Mike Francesa, aka loudmouth, has been basically an annoyance to New York Jets’ readers. Whether it was done on purpose go drive the fans nuts. Was he trying to be extra , nasty to Mets issues for the heck of it? I doubt it. You would think he would have the abililty to keep some of that in decline, for the simple good of his team.

From “One Reason to Get Excited for the 2013 New York Jets’ Season

Korwil • 5 days ago −
Nice article. I saw one of those demotivational posters the other day with Francesa’s face that said “Retirement: For when you no longer add any value.” When it comes to the Jets, this is very true. It has gotten to the point where it almost seems like an act, because he is so deep into his opinion about the Jets forever being a circus. Right now, we are not a circus and we’re just like the other 32 teams in the league trying to get ready for the season, we just happen to have the most exciting QB battle (nobody really cares about Gabbert vs. Henne, am I right?).

My favorite part of the article is you alluding to the Jets sleeping with his wife, because that is how it seems.

From “New York Jets: Where Can Help Come From? AFC Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

matr dontelli iii • 2 days ago −
it sounds like some of those solutions may already be on the roster. i’m reading môre and more about hayden tearing it up in otas. i know they’re otas and no pads and all that, but keep in mind a year ago this guy probably didn’t even know how to put the pads on. i get the feeling he is gonna be our uncoverable tight end, finally, after all these years. i’m also reading really good stuff about zach rogers, who is also handling punt and kick returns, if i read right. so now we’re looking and ben the new guy, hill, kerley, rogers, hopefully we see holmes sooner than later, but he’s really the wild card here. do we get 16 strong games? is that overly optimistic? i think if one of the higher upside guys you mentioned becomes available we should check them out but i wouldn’t go grabbing a guy like britt. too many issues and he don’t seem to be learning from them. one thing for sure, hill really needs to be getting some reps. the exercise bike is not gonna help him too much once the season begins. he should probably be spending more time in the pool than on the bike. we need badly for him to step up this year or it’s gonna make life much more difficult for the offense. if he can’t do it then rogers would have to and that’s a lot to put on a rookie udfa.

Thanks to everyone who comments every day. This week was a Matr Dontelli iii week, maybe next week, we will featured your comments next week. Keep them coming.

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